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Mobile Application Development Costs Breakdown for Your Business App

Rakia Binte Khalid Sep 06, 2019

The price of developing mobile applications differs depending on many variables. The price of developing mobile apps is mostly based on many factors, such as features, complexity, and platform. Different target audiences expect varying applications; which affects the price of developing the mobile app.

Let’s give a quick overview of the cost of developing an app and its key considerations.


Factors that determine app development cost

App Feature x Time x Hourly Rate = App Development Cost

Factors that affect the costs of app development

Functionalities and scope – What would be the functions of the app and what it will present to the customers, the platforms it will support, and whether it is designed for particular devices.

  • Visuals complex visuals greatly increase the cost.
  • Third-party-integrationwhen an app is focused on its platform against taking data from another app, more development cost is required.
  • OptimizationHardware features such as GPS, NFC and motion sensors makes a substantial difference to the cost.
  • Location – Cost is highly dependent on the country/location of the development. For instance, USA charges about $150 per hour approximately while in Europe Euro 130 per hour.
  • Time Estimated More time spent of the development costs you more.
  • MaintenanceContinuous maintenance is demanded by the app.


Approximate Cost Estimate Instances

It must be kept in mind that the costs given here are only average estimates and that the reality may not be compliant with these figures.

  • Educational Apps

The price of building a primary education app for children, including quality assessments, would be around $5,000 up to $15,000 for the more advanced ones including specific fields of study.

  • Retail Apps

The cost ranges from $25,000 to $35,000 for small retail stores that can run up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for well-established chains.

  • Healthcare Apps

36 percent spend less than $25,000 until launch, while 12 percent spend more than $500,000 on the budget. The average development price from design to launch is about $425,000, with almost half going to third-party app development agencies and freelancers. Estimates are for average prices only. For high-end applications, the costs may get higher.

  • B2B Apps

Web hosting and bandwidth would be around $2,000, app design and development would be $5,000 going up to $35,000, and marketing and launch will be dependent on the scale of the events.

 Cost Estimations for:

iPhone App Development

Android App Development 

The development price of iOS is influenced by the rigorous demands of Apple’s AppStore in terms of languages, formatting and the specifications of the iOS mobile app development toolkit.


Average cost to develop an iOS app – about $28k


Android app development expense wants you to consider a comparable set of variables, and you’ll need strong, all-around Android expertise. This involves demands and, most importantly, experience in working with Android-based custom operating systems.

Average cost to develop an Android app – about $23k



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