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Why Push Notification Are Important

Arpatech Jan 01, 2020

People have different expectations when their phones rings to alert them of a push notification, relative to an email or text. If the message like a social media post, is vague and untargeted, it will appear spammy. Simultaneously, notifications are much shorter than emails, and thus the one-liners should have something meaningful.

With the explosion of apps vying for the attention of smartphone users, marketers have discovered that just half the struggle is getting users to install the app on their phone. The real fight is to stop users from uninstalling applications.

The advent of progressive web apps has allowed a new possibility to show up: to send push notifications. The most successful companies are developing a new approach for pushing notifications that is unique. A successful notification strategy must take into consideration the location, time, and user demographics.

What Push Notifications Are?

Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that show on the screens of your users regardless of the device they are using or the browser they are on. Subscribers can be on the browser anywhere and continue receiving these notifications as long as they are online or their apps are running on their devices. Browser push notifications vary from in-app notifications, as in-app notifications only appear when triggered on your mobile device by an existing application, while browser push notifications can be prompted on any device through browsers as long as the user subscribes to receive your notifications. It is an automated, transparent mode of communication between a website and its end users.

Why are they important? And How Are They Beneficial?

Push notifications are a quick and effective means of communicating with your audience. Why are push notifications of mobile apps so powerful? Let’s consider the potential you can bring to your business from mobile push notifications.

Alerts and Reminders Helps Engagement

Whether you’re developing a business educational app, a travel app, or even a work portal app, insightful updates are key to the effectiveness of your app. These types of push notifications can do a multitude of things, from letting people know that someone sent them a message, providing reminders to leave the house on time for this important interview, and telling users to update their app for the latest features.

By driving your customers back into your app, mobile push notifications can have a huge impact on engagement if applied rightly to your messaging strategy.

Opt-in/Opt-out Feature

Users are able to control notifications from their device. They may opt in or opt out from them anytime they want. Apps and their notifications keep customers engaged when used accurately – not annoyed. Users can customize how or what they want to see from your app in a device’s mobile settings.

Increased and Quality Leads

Several companies experience low lead count as well as poor lead quality as visitors are most often hesitant to provide personal information or one or more of the form fields make them think twice before filling out the lead generation questionnaire. You don’t need to depend on capturing lead information for push notifications as you can add and engage subscribers with one-click approval without requiring any personal data. In addition, push notifications require opt-in permission, which means reaching the active browser of a real subscriber whenever a message is delivered is assured. And because browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are used by most internet users, be sure that you will also hit a wide audience base.

Saves Time

If you are a marketer, you know that it takes time and effort to build a newsletter or an email. The ability to write compelling copies, articles, offers, and illustrations on the go is not easy, but this is not the case with push messages as they are concise and less time-consuming.

Boosts Traffic

Push notifications help improve user retention. They not only help to increase the interaction on the message topic but also help to increase the returns you see from your application. Notifications can also be geographically dependent to notify users when they are in a specific location to discounts or promotions.

Better Brand Consistency

In your marketing funnel notifying customers to last-minute deals, discounts, and special offers is a powerful way to get an extra touch point. Push notifications are an additional marketing tool where you can provide additional value-added information about your brand. However, mobile app push notifications offer good visibility by allowing you to use logos in messages. Timely push notifications are more expected to be noticed by users increasing the crucial value to your brand.

Encourage People to Interact and Actively Engage

For re-engagement purposes, catch-up notifications are being used. They can motivate individuals to perform certain tasks, reward individuals when a task is complete, or remind individuals when a goal or achievement has been attained. If a person receives a push notification saying, “Great work today! You’ve successfully reached [ insert goal]!” This intensifies the individual’s involvement of your app. Common apps such as eCommerce, fitness and music applications make use of this feature.

Key Takeaway

Mobile push notifications provide you with a great opportunity to be connected to your customers than any other platform. They are useful to announce major product updates and discounts as you can link directly to that feature or landing page. It’s also nice to re-engage inactive customers and pull them back to your mobile app.

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