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Role of Business Analyst in an IT Company

Arpatech Jun 18, 2021
Role of Business Analyst In It Company

To cater to the needs of an IT business, it requires legions of professionals to be able to execute the needful. As the IT industry is growing, working with other companies, and taking care of a big international clientele, there have to be experienced people on board to strengthen the efficiency of the business and generate maximum revenue.

One such role includes Business Analyst in an IT company. First, let us understand who business analysts are, why you need them in an IT sector, and how they help in the betterment of the systems and operations.

Who is a Business Analyst?

BA or Business Analyst is essentially involved in taking care of the structure of the business. BA plays the role of a mediator between the business requirements and IT to help enhance the overall productivity of the IT business.

Business analyst in an IT company improves every product, service, or process with the help of software applications by analyzing data properly. When the gap between IT and the business is efficiently bridged, that’s where the BA is applauded.

Moreover, BAs are also responsible for the proper employment of software applications and the latest technology tools to upgrade entire business operations and structure. This helps in the transformation and evaluation of the challenges the business may face in the future.

What is the Role of a Business Analyst?

1.     Research

A Business Analyst conducts research and executes them to understand and achieve business goals. This includes the research of developing prototypes, your market competitors, the documentation, the analysis of the documentation, and coordinating with the experts responsible for the project.

With a whole lot of necessary data and research, they gather the information and arrange the meetings with the stakeholders such as end-users, senior management, sponsors, and customers.

2.    A link between developers and stakeholders

A business analyst is a link between developers and stakeholders. At times, they run the team of developers and work as the lead to deal with the projects’ stakeholders in an IT company. A BA’s job description is also to assess every requirement and demand of the stakeholder and to understand the bigger picture in order to comprehend product specification and what has to be delivered as the end result.

They are the source that needs to get the raw information from a customer or a client and carry out surveys and interviews to deliver what is required from the team.

3.    User acceptance test

Business Analysts are sometimes not part of the final testing of the product as software testers are on board to carry out the test. The result of the test ensures the life of the product and if it can flourish for the benefit of any IT company.

At times, business analysts also take care of the user acceptance test in software development projects to highlight the user support and management on the project.

4.    Preparation of documents

Once business analysts understand the requirements of the project, their next step is to prepare formal written documents. When the document is prepared, it is shared with every stakeholder to ensure transparency of the process.

How you present what you create is equally important to its creation. Hence, BAs act as the greater benefit when they have the understanding and expertise of presenting the end product correctly to the client.

5.     Coordination with Developers

When the project initializes in an IT company, it first goes to the stakeholders who establish their requirements and expectations from the project. Once the requirements are approved, the business analyst coordinates with the developers to give them a better idea of what needs to be done.

For developers in an IT company, BAs are the guide to take the help from in the whole process. They ask them questions and discuss their queries for further clarity of the task.

6.    Evaluation of the process

One more thing that falls into a business analyst’s job description is to supervise the business process. The features, functions, requirements, domain, and more are the important fields that need a business analyst’s attention.

BA introduces new tools and features in the business resources to modify the process. This implies that an IT business analyst can enhance, modify, and amplifies the project execution if he or she knows how to introduce new features and how to make smart use of the pre-existing ones.

7.     Multiple projects

IT business analysts work on more than one project at a time. They supervise multiple projects and expand their system by dipping their toes into various tasks simultaneously. They handle the larger scope of the business by participating in the pre-project analysis and help provide the opportunity for strategic addition to the process.

Bottom Line

If you plan to pursue a business analyst career path, we hope that these guidelines have proved to be of great help for you. IT business analysts can offer you great professional growth. All you need is a great place to start and correct guidance.

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