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What Scares The Bejeezes Out Of Programmers?

Mehreen Siddiqua Oct 26, 2017

Waking up to nightmares is usual for programmers – that is if they ever get to sleep. Innocent gestures on worried faces, holding a coffee mug in one hand and a pencil in the other, with fidgeting legs is how you will spot a coder from a distance.

A word of caution – try to avoid eye contact for more than 2 seconds if they are at their work stations, for that’s the time it takes to mess up a code.

Programmers are indeed the epitome of human fear.

For them every day is Halloween, and every night a curse. You will also find them cursing much too frequently not because they hold grudges. They just have bugophobia (fear of catching a bug in their code) that lives inside them and creeps up like anxiety along with other similar fears. Not surprisingly, all their life is a struggle to bury their fears and prove to the world that contrary to popular belief, they are not zombies.

For born developers, this is not just an occupational hazard. These are the qualities that they are likely going to take to their graves with their tombstones reading “RUN” instead of “RIP”. Ain’t got a developer’s life if there’s a possibility of resting in peace.

This Halloween we will confront the situational demons that strike fear in the hearts of programmers around the world. Get a visual glimpse of some of the prominent fears among developers.

Change of requirements amid a project


When you are ahead of schedule and couldn’t believe your luck, that’s when the irony of the situation hits you.

Debugging a multi-threaded code


oh the creeps..

Social contact

You shudder at the idea of being reminded about your profession.

SQA guy .. devil in disguise


Picture a child unpacking the drawer you just packed.

Being stereotyped and judged


In a group of party animals, you are the loner, or (worse) introduced as the “IT guy”.

Suggesting a deadline


Well, technically it’s no use cuz you will have to bend time and space to achieve your suggested deadline anyways.

Non-technical colleague confronting you instead of Google


It’s both: the moment of glory, and the moment of disgrace combined.

Hearing the word “just” with a never-ending task


When you see words mocking at you.

Every time you hit run command


Soldier, Brace yourself for impact!

Learn another programming language


No one understands the torture that is language better than a programmer.

To sum it up, not everyone has a miserable time coding and/or an aversion to all the above-mentioned situations. Do you see yourself trapped in an endless nightmare? Or are you living on the sunny side? Share your thoughts and have a bug-free Halloween.


Mehreen Siddiqua

She is a millennial with a sense of humor that she embodies in visuals. A Digital Marketer focusing on Social Media Marketing by profession, exploring diverse avenues and ventures in tech while honing entrepreneurial skills. Currently she is the communications coordinator and strategist for Arpatech looking into e-commerce, consumer behavior and digital business models.