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SEO Guide: Selecting the Best Keywords

Arpatech Dec 10, 2019

When learning about inbound marketing for the first time, it’s easy to feel flooded by all the various tactics that experts often talk about. Keyword research is a prime example of doing something you probably already know you’re going to do, but don’t know how to go about it. Right?

Keywords are words entered into search engines by users. These can be single word or multi-word sentences. Irrespective of their length one of the basic elements of SEO is to use keywords in your content and it is a simple way to track the success of your SEO effort.

Unarguably, keyword research is the most significant component of SEO strategy. Here is a step-by-step guide at how to pick the best target keyword phrase for an article.

Brainstorm Your Keywords

Ask yourself what you’d be searching for if you wish to find an article on this topic before you go anywhere near a keyword research tool. Start with some brainstorming. Scribble down a few phrases of different lengths, but there is nothing short of two words.

Think of eight to ten keywords that are related to the topic and note them down. The phrases you have written will work as a topic for a group of additional keywords.

When you have multiple topics to deal with, you need to find specific phrases relevant to those keywords. Enter the keyword in Google and look at the suggested search queries are a simple way to do this. Write down the results and delete those that do not match. After you have completed the search, scroll down to the bottom of Google page, which will suggest you related searches, providing you with some extra keywords.

Put Keywords in Headings

You don’t have to fit your heading in your keyword phrase; rather, adjust your keyword in your headings. To rank high on any given keyword, it should be present in your headline. Simultaneously, readability shouldn’t be disturbed. Try to write a few model headlines for your preferred target phrase keeping this in mind. Think of two or more samples till you come up with the one you really like. So, have a target to create a headline that will use your keyword, but will be tailored for the reader first and foremost.

If you find it difficult to look for something that doesn’t sound awkward, then you really may have to rethink your strategy. Bear in mind that stop words can be included in awkward keyword phrases to help them flow more naturally. This approach is much better than simply incorporating grammatically incorrect keyword phrases into text and can help make the material easily readable to your audience.

Focus on Long-tail Keywords

This is your most major step in picking the best keywords. It is also important to take into account long- tail keywords when choosing keywords to target.

Besides being much more targeted than short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords are a useful way to detect highly qualified leads that are willing to buy your product, good, or service.

Although long tail keywords tend to have lower search frequencies, they usually attract more specific traffic, and are generally far less able to compete, and rank higher.

Use of Keyword Research Tools

How much importance does the website earn from a keyword? These tools will help you understand this question and they would make great contributions to your array of keyword research:

  • Ahrefs– A full set of keyword research tools, content and SEO.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner– Allows you to compare monthly domestic and global keyword search volumes, competitive scales and estimated cost per click. Login and go to Tools » Keyword Planner to get keyword suggestions, then pick one of the options under ‘Find New Keywords and Search Volume’
  • SEMrush– Offers keyword data and allows you to find keywords for your keyword search terms. This paid tool also has several other features, but on this page, you can try a free search for keywords.

Don’t Forget to Analyze the Competitors

Draw up a list of your major competitors and then go to their websites to see their target keywords. To help identify the keywords they are targeting, read their content and view their meta-tags. Checking the keywords of your competitor will not only let you see what you might miss, but will also help you expand your list of ideas.

What’s more?

There are at least three additional reasons why the target keyword phrase is so important beyond just being placed on page-one ranking.

  • It represents a major portion of your heading and meta title

There are several advantages of using meta description tag in SEO. Typically, a prospective user will see the first section of your post. It’s when you’re most likely to attract or miss a possible reader in those fractions of a second.

  • The work you put into picking the keyword phrase can go better for the rest of the article

Anything you don’t use for the main phrase can turn into secondary keyword phrases that subvert the deck, intro, subheads, etc. of the article, further improving the prominence of the article in the indexes of search engines.

  • Searching for keyword phrases helps make you a smart writer and editor

To put it simply, the research gives you insight into how you think about and seek information from your potential audience.

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