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How Shopify is Beneficial for Your Business (With Infographic)

Arpatech Mar 18, 2020

E-commerce has grown exponentially in the past few years and, according to estimates, the phenomenon will continue over the next decade. However, for an e-commerce business to prosper in this growing industry, the store needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What is Shopify great for?

Shopify is ideal for those stores offering products or services that need a minimum level of configuration. By adding an advanced homepage section of Shopify as per your business requirement, you can sell a particular product or a handful of products. Ultimately, it will result in increasing your ROI and improving your business revenue.

Shopify is definitely an impressive e-commerce platform for enterprises attempting to create an online store.

Easy to Set up and Use

If you’re not tech-savvy it may be daunting to begin with an e-commerce platform. Through a wide range of services, Shopify completely eliminates the need for technological skills. The platform provides a user-friendly user-interface and an intuitive admin interface.

When you go through the tutorials on their web site, it will only take minutes to set up your store. With the variety of templates available, a distinctive and eye-catching store is easy to set up.

Secure & Reliable

You will be dealing with confidential customer information, including credit card numbers, and impatient consumers if you have an ecommerce store. This means that your website must be quick, secure and online at all times. One of the major benefits of a host solution is its reliability. Shopify will take good care of all website maintenance and upgrades to keep your store and shopping cart still accessible and make sure that pages are loaded quickly.

SSL certificates can be allowed to encrypt all data in your store and transfer it through a secure connection, while Shopify takes care of PCI enforcement (required when dealing with credit cards).

Easy to Install Apps

To thrive as an online business, it has to build a dedicated customer base and be readily available. Now that most users use mobile devices, mobile app is a perfect way to improve accessibility,

On Shopify, there are applications that help you to enhance customer service and manage the shop using your mobile phone. You can edit and modify products at any time, and track orders anywhere.

Each application incorporates innovative features that enhance customer experience while making management seamless.

Customer Care

Customer service can be claimed as one of the main reasons customers value Shopify. If you plan to develop and maintain the store entirely by yourself (with anything like WordPress and WooCommerce) and you don’t have anyone to run to when something goes wrong. The developers these days charge a heavy fee for consultation while online forums remain unresponsive.

Shopify offers a large database of FAQ, email & chat support, along with phone support, most notably on the other hand with a professional representative.

If you’re focused on running your ecommerce store, this safety net is worth the Shopify subscription price alone to have someone at your back with answers. So, Shopify particularly shines on this point.


Being a versatile platform, Shopify also has the marketing edge. The basic version supports SEO as well as advanced e-commerce analytics. SEO is important for the ranking of your web-store and it makes your product accessible to the shoppers looking for their required products. Shopify provides you the opportunity to design landing page for any campaign which makes Shopify stand out among the competitors.

It supports SEO variables such as custom tags for the title and meta tags. In addition, it provides other marketing tools including custom gift cards, discount coupons, store information, personalized email marketing and more.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

What happens if a visitor puts a product in their shopping cart in your store but leaves without purchasing it? More than two thirds of potential customers would do so, according to statistics. Shopify presents an abandoned checkout cart recovery service which tracks and emails these prospective buyers instantly to encourage them to complete their purchase, a simple way to potentially generate more sales.

Mobile Responsive

The majority of Internet users use mobile devices to access the internet. As such, a mobile friendly website is a key consideration for effective e-commerce. When a website is not mobile-friendly, the customer experience would be poor for users on mobile devices, leading to the loss of potential customers.

The Shopify platform has been built in this regard with a mobile responsiveness in mind. They also frequently update features to ensure a satisfying shopping experience for the customers.

Highly Customizable

The Shopify Theme Store has 160 themes to choose from (free and paid), all of which are mobile friendly. Through editing the code, each theme is fully customizable. So, it’s easy to create a wonderful and exclusive online store that matches your brand identity!




Wrapping Up

Without any doubt, Shopify can be considered as one of the biggest and most successful e-commerce platforms. And it was, very rightly, able to build customer trust in record time.

It is among the best platforms to start up in the e-commerce marketplace for small- and medium-sized business owners. The Shopify interface has several features to make the store user-friendly and easy to manage, enabling you to focus solely on selling.

Shopify is a great platform to start your business anytime you want without any understanding of programming, which makes it one of the best platforms for e-commerce.

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