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How to Stay on Top of Social Media Trends

Moiz Khan Aug 03, 2023

Social media is constantly changing, with new platforms and features coming up regularly. It’s important to connect with your audience using the right platforms and features. It can be overwhelming to keep up with these changes without investing a lot of time.

Staying updated on the latest social media trends can be challenging. New platforms, algorithm changes, and evolving marketing techniques make it feel like you’re always trying to catch up. However, there are some helpful tips to keep you ahead of the game and informed about emerging trends.

1. Understand Your Objectives and Audience

Before you get involved in the newest social media trends, it’s important to know exactly what you’re aiming for and who you want to connect with. What are your goals for promoting, and how can social media play a role in achieving them? Who are the people you’d like to reach, and where do they spend time on the internet? What type of content do they enjoy and engage with? Being aware of your objectives and audience will guide you in selecting the appropriate platforms, styles, and tactics for your social media marketing efforts

2. Follow Leading Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the prominent trends on social media and you can use it to your advantage. How? One of the simplest ways to stay informed about the latest social media trends is by following influential figures in the industry. Social media influencers have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending and often share valuable insights, tips, and strategies. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are home to a vast number of experts who regularly create content around the latest trends and updates. By subscribing to their channels, you can access valuable knowledge and stay informed about emerging trends.

3. Explore Trending Topics on Twitter

Many individuals, including those in the field of marketing, use Twitter to stay updated. Twitter’s trending section allows you to easily discover what people are discussing and which hashtags are popular in your country. If you have an international audience, you can also use a VPN to track trends in other countries. Once you’re aware of Twitter’s trending topics, you can begin making content that fits with those subjects. For instance, if you notice that #MemorialDay is trending, you could create a social media post about the holiday.

4. Discover Trends with Google Trends

Google Trends is another useful tool for observing trends both in the U.S. and abroad. It can also help you compare different topics and determine which ones are becoming more popular. With a better understanding of what’s currently trending, you can generate content based on that knowledge. For example, if a specific TV show or movie is trending, you could find a way to make use of the trend by crafting a post that connects it to your products or services.

5. Engage Actively in Social Media Communities

Joining social media communities and groups related to your niche is a great way to stay updated on trends. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer numerous groups where professionals and enthusiasts discuss the latest news, trends, and challenges. Engaging actively in these communities not only helps you stay informed but also allows you to network and build meaningful connections within your industry.

6. Monitor Social Media News Websites and Blogs

Social media news websites and blogs are dedicated to reporting the latest developments in the digital world. Websites like Social Media Examiner, HubSpot, and Buffer provide regular updates on platform changes, algorithm updates, and trending strategies. By setting aside some time to read these publications regularly, you can acquire valuable insights and actionable tips to implement in your social media strategy.

7. Explore What’s Trending on Instagram

Staying informed about Instagram trends can be done in a few simple ways. If you use Instagram often, you’ll likely come across new and popular content on your Explore page. Taking a few minutes each day to go through this part of the app can help you stay updated.

Another helpful trick to keep up with trends on Instagram is to follow big meme accounts. These accounts usually share posts about what’s currently popular or in the news. This means that whenever you open the Instagram app, you’ll see the latest posts from these accounts. This could spark your creativity and give you great ideas to make something unique.

The Bottom Line

Social media is like a big, ever-changing place. If you spend a little time each day or week checking out social media sites and news, you’ll understand what’s popular and how things are changing. Keeping up with social media trends might seem hard. But these 10 tips can make it easier for you to manage your time well and stay informed.