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Successful YouTube Campaigns that Will Help Your Startups in 2019

Rakia Binte Khalid Aug 24, 2019

Video marketing has become a dependable medium for getting people’s attention and getting your business message across for quite a while now. And as 2019 continues to unfold, more and more data is signaling its continued development and importance. About two-thirds of business owners are planning to create at least three marketing videos this year. Not surprisingly, almost all (87 percent) of those who have earlier invested in video marketing is happy with their ROI.

In order to appeal to the new generation of customers, brands must actively look for creative notions to attract them or hire an expert digital marketing agency. In the face of mounting competition, how do you create your own identity in the ocean of competitors? It seems that the solution lies in video marketing. Let’s figure out how.

How the marketers see the outcomes of the video

Videos have become a tool that carries a variety of marketing and business goals i.e. customer retention, customer support, customer experience, sales, etc.  Although for some brands it is very challenging to find the ROI of their videos however that’s also changing. Across the board, businesses use video to serve four main objectives:

  • Optimize web traffic
  • Score sales
  • Educate users
  • Offer support help

We are going to discuss such successful video campaigns of real companies seeing results.

Unlikely Friends – Google Android


Google Android has introduced a new advertising campaign about unlikely animal relationships. Dogs and dolphins swimming, elephants and sheep playing, and even a duck and a kitten snuggling are among the cute displays. Since cute animals have always been a trend online, this makes it a great advertisement alone. But Good has more to offer.

At the end of these simple, cute pairings, Google brings to mind us that we need to be together, but we don’t need to be the same. This advertising campaign offers us a glimpse of how strong emotional marketing techniques can be if you add happiness to the mix! Besides happiness, there is a great deal of strength behind the human association and the promotion of unity in a globe that seems so divided.

Like a Girl – Always

‘Like a Girl’ is an award-winning campaign which won Emmy, Cannes Grand Prix award, and the Grand Clio award. Always embarked on a mission to address the social issues that women face during puberty and took it up to appeal to younger audiences. This line implied that women were weaker, ditzy and unable to be powerfully independent. The primary aim of the video was for people to communicate and engage. Building on the concept of the word ‘Like A Girl’ as an offensive word, Always took on the challenge of changing people’s perceptions. The video comprises of engaging youth and sharing their opinions on what ‘ Like A Girl ‘ meant to them. By embracing a familiar sentence that we use every day, it has always been linked to the masses and has triggered a wave of social change.

The Truth is Hard – The New York Times

People in the United States want and seek the truth as though it is being torn apart, polarized and deceived as never before. In such a time, the New York Times advertising campaign truly validating people’s fears of the truth of the world and is still trying to calm them down. This advertisement reveals media of today as challenging it is to find honesty in their media. In a world where media is all bribe and sold for money, the New York Times used their advertisements to prove their commitment to transparency and honesty. This is a strong message for people who are tired of lies, negativity and want the truth. The Truth is Hard is offering a beautiful human link, which sincerely speaks to a globe that wishes clarity.

Be Together More – Amazon Echo

Amazon introduces its first-ever Echo Spot Device while pulling your and your family’s heartstrings showing how this technology can help connect families. In this ad, an old lonely grandma is shown. Her life was transformed by the insertion of the smart device into her home. Her gift is packed with the instructions “Just ask: ‘Alexa, Call Home.’” The home assistant does just that and the grandma is greeted by her full family on the screen. This message does not only promote their product but also helps us in self-reflecting our selves and our relationship with our grandparents and we might give them a call if it’s been a long time. Amazon not only inspires audiences but this demonstrates their willingness to target elderly individuals and help improve their lives, which also inspires us to be more faithful to the “good-doing” business.

Apology – Facebook

Facebook has been through a bad phase with the violation of personal data leaks and privacy protection. A lot of time unfortunate things happen and companies apologize for that. So, Facebook thought of apologizing through an advertising campaign to send a strong message.  They conveyed this message in the advertisement “committed to doing more to keep you safe and protect your privacy so that we can all get back to what made Facebook good in the first place: friends. Because when this place does what it was built for, we all get a little closer.” The audience does get offended if a brand makes mistakes but they get furious if they don’t see any apologies or encounter any improvement. It is the responsibility of a business to relieve the stress and worries of customers about using a product or service.

Trust is essential, and with this video, Facebook shares its dedication and vision to how and what they want their platform to be. Safe, connected and human.

Thank You Mom – P&G

This video directs the audience through moms supporting their children with their dreams and circumstances — whether it’s color prejudice, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You Mom” has had a wonderful time being shuffled in the previous few Olympic publicity campaigns. This video encourages the sentiments and achievements of the Olympic athletes and the sacrifices of their support teams, including their mothers. This video encourages the sentiments and achievements of the Olympic athletes and the sacrifices of their support teams, including their mothers. Like a fair number of people who have had to sacrifice and pass through a lot of dreams, this tale resonates not only with the accomplished individual but also with the emotions of the support system. Moms, relatives, friends, and family can all be connected with the feeling of being supported and being the supporter. This ad campaign is a success since human love and sacrifice are two feelings that individuals can always relate to.

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think – Dove

This ad revolves around an artist who loves drawing portraits of women without seeing and completely through verbal descriptions by the women themselves or by someone else. With growing expectations of unachievable beauty criteria, Dove took a perceptive stance to tell women to be gentler to themselves. By contrasting how others perceive them as opposed to how people perceived themselves, they efficiently communicated the message. This famous campaign was run in 25 different languages and showcased in over 110 countries.

The point to make here is Dove smartly tap on the striking trends and utilize a primary message that has the consumers at the heart of it.

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