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7 Things to Consider Before Hiring Developer For Your Magento Store

Aiesha Hasan Apr 24, 2017

Magento is one of the most top-choice platforms for any e-commerce website development. It is considered as one of the leading e-commerce solutions for creating features full online stores. The features, modules, extensions, scalability and customization options make Magento an ideal and a suitable platform for building powerful and robust e-commerce store.

But, choosing Magento for your eCommerce site will not take you anywhere, instead, you need to select the right Magento development company or Magento Developer who not only understands your business needs but also must possess enough experience to offer you the best Magento solution. To simplify things, I have listed down here some of the important key things you need to keep in mind before you hire any Magento development company.


Before appointing any Magento development company, do consider and check their previous work experience. Look at their previous projects they have worked on, the technical skills, professional capability and the ability of the Magento developers to execute a Magento project successfully. An experienced company can effectively handle the obstacles, troubles and technical challenges faced in between the development process.


Check the portfolio of the Magento development company you are approaching or deciding to select. By looking at their portfolio, one can get a fair idea about the working style and skills of the company’s developers.

You can also get to know about the projects delivered by the company and their commitment towards work and how much dedicated they are. You can even refer to the testimonials of the clients, helping you decide whether the company is capable of executing and delivering the projects to clients’ satisfaction or not.


You need to do a full research before hiring that whether the company has skilled and talented resources or not. You should choose a Magento Development Company that ensures your Magento project is in the right hands. The company should consist of certified Magento developers with necessary experience.
The developers should be aware of the latest tools of Magento and can work on the latest Magento versions.

Pricing Policy

Make a proper inquiry about the pricing or packages of the Magento Development Company you have chosen to work with. It is important to have a sound knowledge about the flexibility the Website Development Company will provide in any case of changes required. Also, do ask them whether they will charge for any additional work. The Magento Development Company you choose should give you a proper pricing policy to avoid confusions and misunderstandings.


Quality should be the first priority to you if you want to build a successful Ecommerce Magento store. Check out for companies who are CMMi certified or have ISO 9001 certification. Because they will definitely and surely will deliver high-quality Magento solutions, ensuring you the stability and consistency, and also the efficient processes.


Ensure that the company has a proper communication route with you. From the start of the project till the ending phase, one need to be in constant touch with the Magento development team. The project manager or lead who is managing your Magento store should be capable of understanding your requirements and listens to your suggestions for making improvements.

The company should be using best communication channels for the continuous and uninterrupted flow of information. Don’t forget to check whether the developers have good communication skills especially when you choose to work with an offshore Magento development company.

SEO Aspect

Developing an SEO-friendly Magento online store has become a necessity to get recognized and mark a presence in the virtual world. The Magento developer or Magento Development Company, whoever you chooses, should know as for how to incorporate SEO techniques to help your Magento site get higher ranks in the search engines.

Post Deployment Support

Post deployment support is an important one, to ensure you the proper functioning of your online Magento store after making it live. Keep note of one thing that your customers won’t get affected because of any technical or functional issue arises on your Magento site.

Post deployment support is important for improving the performance of any Magento site. Choose that Magento Development Company who provides on-going support and ensures you the 24/7 support whenever you need.


Building the Magento online store requires a vast technical expertise from the developers. In this highly competitive tech industry, one can’t afford to make or neglect mistakes which may lead to the failure of the online businesses. So it is necessary that your Magento Development Company or developer has the required experience and skills to deliver your desired results.

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