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8 Tips To Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates On Your Ecommerce Store

Moiz Khan Dec 19, 2016

So you have set up an e-commerce store and your website is receiving great traffic. But, a great number of your website visitors are abandoning the cart and you are clueless as to what could be the reason for this type of user behavior?

Well, any e-commerce business owner should learn how to optimize their shopping carts so that the unlimited number of customers can possibly go through with their purchases. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems in an online business and a seriously critical issue.

Most of the leakage happens in the checkout process. Even when the checkout is completed, the risk of losing an e-commerce customer begins almost as soon as they get to know your product offer.

You can easily reduce cart abandonment rates with a few changes and little efforts. Here we have specified some tips to reduce cart abandonment rates on your Ecommerce Store:

1: Free or Flat Shipping

According to a study, 44% of online customers abandon their shopping carts due to high shipping costs. While many others abandon the carts because the seller didn’t mention shipping rates or costs.

A similar study shows that a free shipping leads customers to complete the checkout process. Customers like to buy products with free shipping offer. The study also shows that the customers who receive free shipping ends up being more satisfied than those who have to pay additional fees.

2: Multiple Payments Option

With an extensive list of payments, options for an online store will make the e-commerce sales grow. Having a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, third-party online payments services like PayPal can even reach those customers who have not visited the store in the first place. Make your products available to all kinds of digital payment buyers.

3: Guest Checkouts

Keep your sign-up process as simple as possible to avoid customers from leaving your site early before finishing. Enable the option of a guest account to let the customer checkout easily. It is a great way to help new customers to get used to the website without pressuring them. Just get the relevant information from the customers opting for Guest Checkout. It would be better to let customer first add items in their baskets and then encourages them to sign-up for further process.

4: Email Reminders, Sales, Deals & Discounts

Communication with the customers is essential in marketing. Who doesn’t love to get deals, sales & discounts? Spread the word for reminder and promotions. Use email marketing to bring real customers back by reminding off their lost items or to make new purchases.

5: Secure the Check-Out Page

No one wants to buy from an unsecured website. Establish the credibility as an e-commerce merchant by securing your checkout process. A “Google Trusted Store” badge offers certainty and security to the Webstore. It will help in winning the customer’s trust. This will also give assurance to the customers that they’re in a safe place.

6: No Hidden Charges

In e-commerce field, never hide decisive information from the customers. Eliminate any type of hidden charges. Be accurate with the items left in the shopping cart or in the stock. One way to reduce hidden fees is by adding built-in sales tax calculator to the shopping cart to avoid any surprise additional charges to the customer.

7: Provide Currency Converter

Make currency converter available in the shopping cart or during the check-out process to avoid confusions for the customers. When they know the price of the products in their currency, they are most likely to keep moving forward with the checkout process.

8: Be Crystal Clear About The Costs

Be clear about the shipping costs and taxes with the shoppers when they are stepping out of the checkout process. Show all the prices in the cart. Customers hate being surprised about the costs at the last moment.


The Number 1 thing in any business is to win the trust of your customers. Make things easier for customers so that they can trust your e-commerce store. By keeping these tips in mind, you can reduce the barriers for customers and can improve the conversion rates. By applying these simple tips to your e-commerce store, you can possibly increase the sale and provide an easier shopping experience for the customers.