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Top 15 Digital Investment Apps for Small Business Owners

Rakia Binte Khalid May 04, 2020

Mobile applications are transforming the landscape of the business. They are becoming more prevalent and more powerful, and most importantly, they can help your business work more smoothly.

As a small business owner, the more tasks you can automate, stay organized, and streamline your procedures, the more effective and productive your business will become. Thankfully, there are a lot of applications on the market to assist.

So, what are investment apps?

Investment applications help introduce stock market trading and financial planning into the digital era. They merely provide a platform for independently investing your money, without the need for a stockbroker or financial advisor.

The Best Business Investment Apps 2020

Here’s a list of top 15 digital investment apps for small business owners.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a cloud-based notebook where you can digitally organize all your notes, views, to-do lists, memos, receipts, bills, and invoices across all your devices. Evernote is a particularly helpful tool for small companies to organize and share personal agendas and brainstorming with peers. Evernote is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

  1. Stash

Stash mobile investment app offers investors a digital landing spot in search of the best possible financial market tools. It provides a low-cost method for users to create a diversified portfolio while offering academic content that is tailored to individual investment preferences. Stash is particularly useful in the investment world for beginners, with 84 percent of customers being mentioned for the first time. It also includes tips and information to make learning much easier.

  1. Hootsuite

Whether you’re a social media professional or a newbie, Hootsuite is an important tool to keep in your marketing arsenal — it’s an automated, hands-off way to manage and posting your social media content, so you can simply create leads in your sleep. With a Hootsuite dashboard you can perform a number of tasks including automatically scheduling posts across all your social media platforms. Access content stored in the cloud. Designate team leaders to approve content. Track important metrics and generate reports. Integrate with popular analytics applications.

  1. Square

This is a payment app which is a great fit for companies like food trucks, beauty salons and retail stores. Square app consumers get a tiny, portable card reader that attaches quick, easy payments to a phone or other mobile device. Square also provides a point-of-sale system for businesses with a brick-and-mortar store called the Square Register. The point-of-sale app from Square is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

  1. Proven

If you own a small-scale business, you get to manage and do a lot of things. Proven has set out to make most of your duties less easy while hiring Whether your recruiting needs are constant or random, with the help of this app it would become quick and simple to post work listings, sort candidates, and save and search resumes. It is a great fit for businesses with sporadic hiring needs, such as restaurants and retailers, or for an entrepreneur who has various business obligations and needs to save time on recruiting.

  1. DropBox

Dropbox is an app that you may already have for private use, but it could also make your office run a lot smoother — in reality, this file-sharing software comes in a just-for-business iteration. Some of the biggest businesses use this app, like Under Armor and National Geographic, but any company that frequently shares files should maintain Dropbox Business in their digital toolbox, regardless of the size. Business App Dropbox gives you unlimited cloud storage, easy-to-use interface, ability to share file with external users and a lot more.

  1. Skype

You might have already used Skype to keep in touch with loved ones from long distances, but this video conferencing app is a necessary business app if you and your team work remotely from each other.

You can use Skype to call anybody in the world on video or voice; you can get up to 25 people together on a call; transfer video, photos and files of all sizes; share your computer screen; and send text or voice messages. Skype can also be used with Amazon Alexa devices.

  1. Robinhood

Robinhood is another top investment application that is available for investors. The app is especially designed to deal with exchange-traded funds, stocks, and even Bitcoin! This application helps you track your stocks as well as those on your watchlist. Moreover, the app is absolutely free. After logging in, you can set up your challenges and then begin completing those challenges to gain points, educate yourself, and become a healthier investor.

  1. Podium

Podium is a very useful marketing tool that can assist you in getting and collecting online reviews and testimonials through text messaging. After all, the more people talk positively about your business, the more customers will come your way. Podium offers an easy Google review collection tool, gives access to leave reviews via text messaging and prohibits disruption in review collection process.

  1. Asana

To improve your business communication and collaboration, Asana is the best choice. Use this functionality-laden business app on your mobile, tablet or desktop to visually map your objectives, update your to-do list in real-time, and synchronize your calendar with your staff. The web-based mobile app allows you to view all tasks and projects and follow progress on the Asana board, and you can share notes, upload files, and interact without having to depend on email. Asana also integrates files with Google Drive and Dropbox and Slack for communication to post updates to a Slack messaging channel.

  1. Clink

Clink is a savings-based app that invests your resources into a Vanguard-based Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) portfolio centered on how aggressive you want to be with your investments. You can plan a certain proportion of your purchases after transactions to be added to your Clink account. For instance, if you’re spending a lot on dining, you can opt to transfer 10 percent of your dining purchases to your Clink account each time. You can also plan periodic transfers to your Clink account from your checking account.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is the best small business app for organizing and automating all of your email marketing activities. You can also build and customize email templates and view your email performance reports. This data can assist you in sending more relevant emails to your clients.  The MailChimp app brings this simple and intuitive tool straight to your iOS or Android. MailChimp also has enormous e-commerce integrations like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a mainstay in business accounting software and its online accountant app is just as regarded with a user review score of 4.9 on the iTunes App store. You can use QuickBooks to track the sales and expenses of your business; view financial reports including profit and loss; pay your employees and vendors; track unpaid invoices; maximize your tax deductions; and more. QuickBooks connects to multiple accounts — including your business bank account, loan cards, PayPal and Square — and quickly and easily uploads data from these sources. You can access QuickBooks on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Android tablet.

  1. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging platform where you can systematize your team’s discussions into separate personal or public channels or send a direct message. The app brings so much convenience to the business owners that they can simply drag, drop, and share pictures, PDFs, and other documents in the chat. It automatically indexes and archives any email, notification or file, and there is no limit to how many customers your business can add.

  1. Acorns

Acorns take all the pressure out of investing by automatically completing your daily credit and debit transactions and investing the spare change for you. You can also set up repeat investments on a regular, weekly or monthly scale, one off investment or ‘acorns later’ through the micro-investing platform, a retirement investment scheme poignantly exemplified by a red sunset icon. Your investments are automatically diversified across more than 7,000 stocks to boost investment security and the probability of return. Acorns automatically invests your funds in one of five professionally managed ETF portfolios.