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Top 15 Drupal Modules You Should Have In 2017

Aiesha Hasan Apr 21, 2017

Drupal is one of the top CMS because of it’s uniqueness and flexibility. Along with the cores, the large collection of Drupal modules is the backbone of the Drupal system. Take examples of some popular Drupal sites, can you find any of them which don’t use even one extending module? Needless to say, they are mandatory. These modules give you the ability to enhance and advance the Drupal functions, features, and grant you the power to do many incredible tasks with your Drupal site.

If you run a Google search, you’ll find some top Drupal modules and their specific functionalities. Similarly, in this blog, I will tell you Drupal module options. They are among the top favorite choices of Drupal developers.

Let’s get down for the details


Views are undoubtedly the most popular Drupal module and also a vital one. Views Display the content more easily. It provides you the facility to show every field (content, taxonomy, terms, users,…) through any type of display. Such as, you can create and display an image, a list of products, a jCarousel, Slideshow,… on your website with it.


Pathauto allows the user to define a pattern for data, and contents so that the system can create an automatic URL. This is an essential module for a Drupal website with a wide variety new contents.

Administration Menu:

Administration module is a valuable one for website administrators and developers. With this module, you can navigate to the admin menu easily through the smart menu bar on the top. This no doubt saves time while working on the website development.


The Drupal Date module helps in creating a date field type in the Drupal system. It is very helpful especially when you want to create chronological contents, calendar,…

Web Form:

Create a contact form, an event registration, surveys, applications, with none other than Drupal Webform module.


Drupal media module helps in managing the documents, audio & video files. It is liked by many Drupal developers because Drupal core is harder to handle with files & multimedia.


The Context Drupal module permits displaying different elements, or contents on the site based on conditions. Like, if you want some blocks to show up at the bottom of the homepage, and change them differently on the products page.


Wysiwyg doesn’t work by itself, instead, it is a tool allowing you to add content editors. Which means you can edit and work with the content fairly easily and more conveniently.

Views SlideShow:

As the name sounds, this Drupal module is used to generate slideshow with Views. Creating slideshow has never been easy before this.


For a shopping or an e-commerce site, this is an awesome tool. Lots of Drupal websites use this Ubercart module, as it gives tremendous supported in everything from shopping flow to the shopping cart, from promotion to the payment.

Custom Breadcrumb:

To give easy navigation, this custom breadcrumb module gets your breadcrumb path shown on the site. It can be integrated with Views, Panels, Taxonomy Vocabularies and Terms, Paths.


Drupal Gmap module helps to locate your location on Google map. This module is very useful if you want to show your company’s visual address; a property on a real estate website; a restaurant on a deal site. If don’t like the current display, you can even customize the map according to the purpose.

Meta Tag Quicks:

The Meta Tags Quicks module adds meta tags such as title, descriptions, robots to get your page optimized on the search engine. This is a must-have module for Search Engine Optimization.


Internationalization module is a great extension to the core multilingual Drupal. This allows publishing a multilingual website and translates nearly everything on a Drupal website.


Bean module transform the core Blog into a dynamic entity – node, vocabulary, users,… making it easy for you to add multiple fields for your Blog content. You’ll find this module the most valuable one if you use Blog regularly.

So, this is our complete list, well not totally complete. There are some others modules too out there which I haven’t mentioned. I think the top 15 modules makes a long enough list.

Want to make any recommendation on the list? Feel free to share by leaving a comment below.


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