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Top 8 Facebook Ad Hacks to Reduce Costs and Increase Conversions

Rakia Binte Khalid Aug 19, 2019

Facebook is undoubtedly a persuasive platform for advertisers for countless reasons, including potent targeting options and reasonable costs as compared to others.

A Facebook ad campaign properly can significantly improve your conversion rate, the number of website visitors and your overall performance. But to make your advertisements effective on this best-known social media platform and know what advertisements to run and where can take some time and money. So, if you are looking for better ways to bring the best results, this is the right article for you. Any of your Facebook ad costs depends on a number of factors i.e. your audience, industry, goals, and optimization settings.

Here are the top 8 hacks which can drastically reduce costs and increase conversions.

1.  Start off with the right audience

A strategy is a must even before you think about your Facebook optimized ads. Remember that you must know your right audience in order to succeed. A thorough understanding of your targeted audience includes what they like, share or mostly respond to.  When you narrow down and focus on targeting the right audience, you can greatly cut competition from other brands running advertisements to comparable audiences. Precisely, know that you are in a bidding war with various other brands and you just need to bid on who you really want to reach. So, before you begin optimizing Facebook ads, check your ad reports to see if you target the relevant audience.

2.  Ad frequency also counts

Facebook experts do not give any specific claims or practices about the frequency of showing the same ad to a single user. But we should also consider the fact that people should not turn off your ad or label it as spam after they get annoyed by seeing it too many times. Do a little research and try to estimate how frequently people will notice your ad when it’s shown to them. A simple way of doing this is by rating the ad’s visuals. You should show each ad a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 times in Facebook’s newsfeed. For the sidebar, you could jump to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 40 ads.

3.  Optimized time slots

Time frames matter the most in Facebook ads. If you ever noticed, there are some days and time frames when your posts get more likes and those days outperform as compared to rest of the days; that’s when you need to set up your ad campaigns. No campaign runs successful 24/7. So, analyze which days perform better in terms of conversions at the lowest CPA. You can go to your Facebook Ads Manager reports and use the Breakdown menu to break down your campaigns by day.

4.  Keep your ad-copy catchy and concise

People nowadays are too caught up to give time to a long-written copy. They have a very short temperament, especially for a long-written copy. They prefer giving read to short and snappy copies. So, the tricky part of this is creating a compelling ad within this short copy. Keep your brains all active and write a two-liner (or maybe one) copy including all the specific points and also a CTA. Nobody got time to read an ad that looks like an entire novel.  So, give your best shot and prepare a catchy and concise ad copy while retaining all the elements of a ‘good’ ad.

5.  Facebook Messenger ads are the new cool

Facebook messenger ads are comparatively cheap if set up rightly and effectively. They show up on the home screen of the messenger. Placement of the ad also plays an integral role. So, if you are already using Facebook ads and their manager, then the placement of the ads become quite simple. You may also use some of the advertisement material which is already there.  The biggest benefit of Facebook messenger ads is that you directly send people to your website or initiate conversations in order to connect with the users. The good thing here is, all these conversations are handled by bots and they direct users to the best offers.

6.  Redeem bail-out checkouts via videos

People for some reason leave abandoned checkouts for unknown reasons. So, retargeting them with videos can get them back and hence results in increased conversions. So, what you need to do is put a video on Facebook about what it is like to be a customer and what benefits and value they may get in return. This video is intended to directly help them see what they’re going to get, and the video format is perfect for bringing this kind of personalized message across. This is an excellent way to get them to rethink stuff and, ideally, become a bona fide customer.

7. Placement plays a huge role

If your ads are placed rightly they can bring a great increase in the conversions and hence results in cost reduction. When it comes to serving social media ads, Facebook placement is the original gangster. Not all placements will be available for mobile, and not all will be available for desktop. You’ve to place your ads accordingly keeping in mind your target audience. Some Facebook ad formats and placements may better serve your goals than others, depending on your campaign priorities.

Adidas, for instance, determined that using video with the collection feature of Facebook would be a useful way to display its Z.N.E Road Trip Hoodie’s various features. As a consequence, Addidas has been able to reduce conversion costs by 43 percent.

Once you become sure of the placement and format that is working best for bringing conversions, you can raise your bids on top-performing placements. But in case, if an ad placement doesn’t meet your targets, you may remove it from your ad set.

8.  A/B Testing is a must

Although A/B testing offered by Facebook isn’t the best to rely on as it is difficult to use and not hundred percent accurate but it is still good to run an A/B test with the ads you have. It is always better to be on a safe side with at least some data rather than none. With Facebook A/B testing options, you’ll get a good idea on what’s working and what’s not.