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Magento Influencers You Must Follow On Twitter

Mubashir Ahmed Oct 06, 2016

In the Magento Community, the influencers have played a major part and done a lot of contributions. From back end to front end development to community engagement, they have all managed to make Magento a better platform. These are some Magento influencers who have contributed to the development of Magento Community.

Ben Marks


Ben Marks has a good reputation in Magento Community. Being an expert in Magento development he helped developers understand Magento. He has an exposure of 6 years of Magento Development and 3 years of training at Magento U. Ben is dedicated professional and always respond to queries. He’s a great source of information on Magento and PHP. He is also known as a Magento developer, educator, and an enthusiastic community member. Whether you are a newbie or a professional of Magento, he is the right person to follow for all your queries and concerns.

Alan Storm


Meet Alan Storm, he is a source of practical Magento tips and bug fixes. He is an experienced e-commerce professional and creator of Commerce Bug.  Alan is the author of No Frills Magento layout, a complete guide for newbie and professionals of Magento. He is active in Magento Community and loves to share his knowledge. If you want to know more about Magento, start following him today.

Vinai Kopp

vinaiMeet Vinai Kopp, Freelance Magento trainer, Developer, Consultant and Author. Vinai has vast years of experience in web-development. He started developing Magento modules. He is the aurthor of Grokking Magento. Besides loving Magento Vinai like sport and is passionate about travelling to different places. Vinai is also a known speaker for topics related to Magento technicalities. He enjoys exploring projects. He is a great source of information, follow him to stay updated and learn about Magento.

Kimberely Thomas


Meet Kimberely, a Magento wizard! With an experience of over 15 years in developing and managing web applications, she has gained an expertise in architecting Magento solutions for her clients. The best thing about Kimberly – unlike most of us, she finds working under pressure, rather comfortable. Doesn’t matter how close the deadline seems to be, Kimberly and her teammates know how to deliver a high quality product that goes easy on their clients’ pockets and ensures them the immediate satisfaction! Kimberly also takes time out from her busy schedules for events that would help her enhance Magento architecting skills, such as #PreImagine, Meet Magento NY and also the monthly Magento Meetup in NYC – she makes sure she never misses out on any of these!

Sylvain Rayé


Meet Sylvain, a computer Engineer and Magento Community enthusiastic. He has a strong background in the domain of Web Development with experience of more than 10 years. He is also engaged with Magento for more than 6 years. His experience with the community leaves no question about his abilities. He is the founder of Diglin GmbH in Zurich (Switzerland), a company providing extensive development of eBusiness projects. Sylvain is a Co-organizer of Meet Magento Switzerland. He is a board member of German magento Community, Firegento. He is often invited as a speaker at many conferences around the globe and even helped in organizing various hackathons.

Thomas Fleck


Meet Thomas Fleck, founder, and CEO of Netresearch. He is a multi-talented professional and also known for his multi-domain knowledge. From Entrepreneur to lawyer and idealist with over 15 years of working experience in the eCommerce sector, Thomas has an essence on different working environments. He is the initiator of Meet Magento – the leading event of Magento Community around the globe. He is well known among Magento Community. You must follow him  to stay updated in the Magento World.

Kalen Jordan


Meet Kalen Jorden, founder of magemail. He is engaged with Magento over years aind has contributed immensely to the Community. Kalen is  the founder of Mage-Mail, an easy to setup plugin for Magento which saves time, money and helps to stay in touch with customers. Kalen actively participates in the Magento community. He is the co-host of MageTalk- a Magento community podcast. If you want to get yourself updated with latest Magento trends then you must start following him.

Tim Bezhashvyly


Meet Tim, an active Member of Magento Community. Tim leads Magento team at 21sportsgroup GmbH. He is a certified Magento developer with over 7 years’ experience of Magento Development and over 17 years’ experience in PHP development. He is active in StackExchange and other forums. Tim has been presenting in Magento Conferences and has published several articles. His main specializations are Magento Eco System and adopting Magento site for Mobile devices. He is a dedicated person. He is a great source of information.

Piotr Kaminski


Meet Piotr, an experienced Magento professional. He has been working with Magento since 2003 and have experienced different work flavors, from developer to sales engineer. He is an Ecommerce expert. Piotr has contributed his expertise in the domain of e-commerce Security.  He is currently Lead Product Manager and responsible for Magento security and translation. Follow him if you don’t want to leave your website in the hands of a hacker.

Rouven Alexander Rieker


Meet Alexander , founder and co-owner of ITABS SgR. He is an eCommerce and CMS specialist. He is a Magento expert and even deals with advanced PHP topics. He is well known for his PHP journals and solutions. He can be easily found on the internet and is always ready to help in any regard. If you want any good suggestion regarding eCommerce, you can always approach him.

Marius Strajeru

mariasMeet Marius, a senior Magento developer. He is focused on backend development. He has been working with Magento since the version 1.0. Marius has created extensions for Magento  Community. Marius is active on magento.stackexchange as he believes it’s a great platform to share knowledge. He is the moderator on magento.stackexchange since dec,2014.  Marias have put great efforts in educating the community on Magento 2. He is the Magento Master 2016. He is active on Magento Stack exchange. You can learn a lot form this guy

Anna Völkl


Meet Anna Völkl, senior Magento developer at LimeSoda interactive Marketing GmbH. She is one the earliest Magento certified developer in Austria. Anna is professional Software engineer since 2016. She started her career with Magento in 2011. Since then she has contributed a lot in Magento community. Her contributions in Magento StackExchange/Mage stackDAy and giving talks on Magento events. Anna is Magento Master of 2016. She has contributed to Magento 2.x security. She is always engaged in Magento events and helped the community in organizing Magento-Stammtisch Wein and MagentoStackDay. She is always active on twitter. You can follow her and ask questions.She loves to share information

Sherrie Rohde


Meet Sherrie, Community Manager for Magento. Sherrie is one of the most famous people in Magento Community. She connects people and resources. She is engaged with Magento community. Sherrie was originally a Magento Developer, later she became Community Manager for Magento. She has a lot of resources to share. She co-produces a weekly broadcast for community professional which is known as #CMGRHangout. She is one backbone of Magento Community. To get involve in Magento Community, start following her on twitter

Sander Mangel


Sander is Magento Consultant, Senior Magento developer and technical lead at FitForMe. He is also known for his enthusiasm in coffee and e-commerce. Sander is engaged in Magento Community and stays updated about latest trends. He loves to reach new people in the community. Sander is Magento Master for 2016. He organized Magento User Group Rotterdam and MageStackDay. He is the mastermind of translating Magento platform to Dutch. He constantly helps the community on Magento StackExchnage. He is one of the best sources of knowledge. To learn more about Magento, follow this guy.


The pillars of Magento Community are laid by the influencers of Magento. Magento Evangelist are always ready to contribute in Magento community. There are other influencers who contribute in Magento Community. I have covered them in my next Article. Feel free to share your views in the comments below. 🙂

Mubashir Ahmed

Mubashir Ahmed

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Mubashir Ahmed