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Video Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

Arpatech May 14, 2020

We’ve seen developments in video marketing evolve over the years, from 30-second ads to viral videos to vlogs and live streams. In fact, new technologies have paved the way for more immersive video formats, such as experiences in 360 degrees, ephemeral videos and shoppable videos. According to HubSpot, ‘78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.’

We’ve seen some trends ramp up so far this year and others are starting to fade away. Video marketing is considered among the top social media marketing tips to revamp your marketing strategy.

 Here are some of the trends you should consider.

Live Videos


Live media is still an extremely engaging concept. The essential ingredient? Live interactions with real people.

You’ve probably noticed as an Instagram or Snapchat user that a lot of people you follow “go live” multiple times a day. Normally these live feeds consist of answering questions that other users send in real time — maybe even wanting to do something that users are asking for. This form of content is meant to leverage the ephemeral nature of the moment.

While Instagram offers the opportunity to save these live events to your profile, it’s quite unlikely that someone will watch an hour-long live stream later. That’s what makes this video style so potent.

This recreates the experience of live radio and television that is used to be famous among people around the country, or the world, experiencing the same phenomenon at the same time. Live video is here to stay.  So, continue to experiment with the medium.

Shoppable Videos


Social media selling is the one of the key trends that we have seen in the last few years. This has streamlined and facilitated interactions between vendors and customers, as a solution to keep up with today’s on-demand industry. Nevertheless, many businesses need to improve the way they create social media content.

Mostly, these are videos which allow users of social media to shop on the spot. With these, shoppers no longer have to go for the product they like manually. All they have to do is click on the product they want on the video to seamlessly redirect it to your site.

In 2020 we’re going to see more and more video ads linking to products to make them easy to shop. 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it, which is why this is a trend that should not be overlooked if you work in retail, in particular.

Interactive 360 Videos


Interactive 360 video currently is a major trend. One is able to experience wide-ranging musicals, sports games and iconic locations through it.

While for any company interactive videos may not work, there are so many fun and engaging ways of using virtual reality. For example, an interior design company could use VR to allow its audiences to go through a virtual tour of their studio or walk through one of their existing projects.

This is the kind of immersive, futuristic video style that we expect to see a lot more as the use of AR and VR continues to grow. And it’s something you would like to do yourself if you’re ambitious enough.

Setting your product’s video is although very challenging now, but it can captivate your customer base to a great extent.

Although not easy to produce (for a while yet), setting your product videos apart from your competition and really captivating your customer base could be a great way.

Soundless Videos


Showing, not explaining, is a trend evolving and continuing in video content marketing. Some social media users prefer to watch soundless videos, particularly when they are in a public place.

Creating subtitled videos will enable you to accommodate social media users who would like to watch with no sounds as well as those who do. So, using captions or making videos that don’t necessarily need sounds to be comprehended, would be a wise idea.

It can help us to show just what things look like, how they work, what they’re made of and how they incorporate into your life. All without words, at times. Think of Masterclass, fitting together Ikea furniture, the immersive ads trend and the silent videos trend.



Following the developments on video channels like YouTube, vlogging continues to grow. Individuals use vlogs or video blogs more often to document everyday life, share their experience, showcase their talents, or simply to express themselves. Furthermore, we’ve seen actors in recent years and micro-influencers use this to communicate with their fan base. Similarly, we’ve seen a number of brands following suit.

Vlogging is a major tool for celebrities and influencers in reaching out to their followers. Likewise, this may be used by companies to communicate with their most dedicated customers. Vlogs provide a more authentic and unfiltered view of your brand and using it as part of your video marketing strategy will help personify your brand and gain consumer trust.

Social Media Stories


If you want to take advantage of this, publishing ephemeral content is one of the effective ways to do so. These are the stories in social media that remove themselves automatically after 24 hours of posting. They often include posts and pictures centered on text.

Ephemeral stories have become a new form of vlogging, as in stories that only appear for a given period of time. Because they’re all done right now, and are low-fi and don’t need editing, they’ve lowered the bar for those who have always wished to be video personalities. We’ll see this video style continue to gain popularity as ephemeral videos are adopted by channels like Twitter, YouTube and even the Medium.

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