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How VR Is Influencing Mobile App Development

Arpatech Feb 21, 2019

We have, in the last few years, witnessed a number of technological innovations across different fields that have revolutionized the world. Mobile app development is one of them. Now, several mobile apps provide users the ability to play games, meander unknown territory with navigation capabilities, get products and services, and even daily fitness goals. This has catapulted the mobile application development to an altogether different level, leading to the creation of cutting-edge apps to cater to the users’ growing expectations.

Virtual reality, the revolutionary technology that has practically transformed the way we live and work, is taking mobile app development to a level that one would never have imagined before. The technology has a profoundly transformative effect in such diverse fields as gaming, real estate, retail stores, and more, providing users with realistic experience for entertainment, testing products, and other important tasks. VR has also changed the way businesses the world over are conducted, streamlining communication between business owners and their potential customers.

Take iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, for example. Virtual reality applications are now supported by recent versions of iOS, leading to a keen interest in virtual technology among iPhone users. Now, while developing iOS apps, the businesses seek to search immersive VR experience that can be provided to their iPhone customers.

Sharp focus on VR programs


Unlike previously, a number of iOS developers are now moving away from standard mobile apps and focusing on virtual reality programs instead. Similar to 3D type, these applications provide the user the opportunity to experience a virtual world with the device putting the person in the middle of all the action in games, documentaries, and even films. Since the idea of being in a different universe is quite fascinating, it obviates the need to experience the events in reality. A person, for example, is capable of traveling to the farthest part of the world while being in the comfort of their work or home. Therefore, while hiring an iOS developer, make sure that they are well-conversant of the recent advancements and applications made in virtual reality.

Amazing Virtual Experience


People like to use their cellphones to carry out online activities like shopping and booking. And these activities are made easier by the use of various VR-enabled applications. For example, in shopping, the VR technology provides the customers with an application for great e-commerce stores, where shoppers can get a 3-D view of the product they want to purchase. The customers get all the three dimensions of the product to ensure they are satisfied with the product. And it also saves the time of visiting the stores physically. What’s more, the storekeepers benefit from low rates of product returns since the customers buy products they are satisfied with, which helps save on the overall cost incurred by the businesses. People can also take advantage of virtual reality apps that are created for various industries including hotels, real estate, and tourism. These applications augment the virtual experience of users for they can swiftly do the right transactions, while allowing businesses to offer exceptional customer service. Additionally, they can address customers’ concerns in real time regardless of their location.



One factor that has played a key role in the remarkable success of mobile apps is mobility. Taking the experience a notch higher, VR apps have allowed users to enjoy mobility to the extent that was not hitherto possible, enabling them to use a virtual reality app to explore many opportunities while they are in one place. For example, you can use a VR app to take your users on a virtual tour even when you are in different geographical zones.

Improved Mode of Communication


Previously, applications would offer phone-based communication between businesses and their app users. However, now mobile app development companies are using virtual reality to enhance the mode of customer communication in mobile applications. Businesses can now use real-time video to make direct contact with clients, which helps the former improve their conversions.

Revolutionizing the industry


Pilots training in flight simulators or even teenage drivers have long been taking advantage of applications based on virtual reality. In fact, the role of VR is also growing in other fields like education and healthcare. Video gaming is the very first industry that adopted VR applications, and now with the remarkable experience provided by VR, it is giving a tough challenge to standard mobile applications. The applications of these programs are immensely significant in medical schools as they allow the students to practice surgery and other operations on a VR app rather than on a corpse. Engineering students can now build virtual homes and bridges towards the completion of their degree. Even prospective teachers can hone their teaching skills in a virtual classroom, opening an incredible market for any iPhone development company. In short, virtual reality has changed the way of living, ushering in a new era of development in the tech industry.

The capability of VR apps to create an immersive and appealing experience has led marketing mavens to find and explore the opportunities to reach out to the people. It goes without saying that virtual reality mobile apps are transforming the world and the way people communicate, shop, do business, work, and carry out other important tasks. A number of industries—entertainment, fashion, aerospace, manufacturing and a lot more—have taken advantage of this truly amazing technology. It may be safely assumed that mobile apps are not going to die soon, but they have to keep up with the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality. The companies involved in iPhone application development would do well to make room for virtual reality to provide users with the most immersive and engaging experience.

According to experts, virtual reality has a promising future: it is projected that by 2020, the entire virtual reality market size could be worth $34 billion. With such exciting figures and an average user’s growing demand for these VR apps, moving away from basic mobile apps to VR-based apps has become more important than ever.


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