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World’s Famous Website Designers and Their Portfolios

Moiz Khan Feb 17, 2017

Type the keywords “famous website designers” into any search engines and you might be overwhelmed with all the choices. You will see probably millions of results.

Within these millions of results, there are some superstars, superheroes, and famous designers. The top of the top kind. The leaders of the pack. But who actually they are? This article is going to tell you some famous website designers companies.

But wait! Before sharing with you the list. I would like to tell you how the designers got in the first place of this list.The website designers displayed on the first page of any search engines are not the only famous ones. There are some others as well hiding in the back pages.

After selecting the top famous portfolios, check their Alexa ranking. But why Alexa? Does it matter? Well, let me explain you, Alexa ranking is an indication of how popular the site is! It also helps to narrow it down.

The next thing to look at the selected portfolios of famous website designers is their own website! It should intrigue you, load fast and sparkle on the screen. If their own site doesn’t impress you then you don’t need to go any further. It should give you the information you want and should work well. It must give you a good hint of the kind of work they do. Just simply choose the cake with the icing!

The next and the main important thing is you need to check their own portfolio and the client’s list. Everyone looks for the quality, not the quantity. One good sample is far better than several bad samples. If the website designers are really good at something, then they must have an impressive list of clients. The clients should be the one whose names are recognizable. It would impress the big names in the industry as well.

The second last thing to look at is their teams. Check the skills of the team they utilize and see how many projects they can handle at once. A team can produce an impressive work but they would be limited in how many projects they can handle at one time. Finally look at the company contributes back to the community. Do they provide open source code? Do they give training and conferences? Do they have a blog for tutorials? A good company will give back and invest in others using every mean.

There are leaders in the field of website design? Who are they? Let’s see and find out which is the best website design and development company!

Big Drop Inc

(NY, New York)

Big Drop Inc is the best custom web design firm right now. They can elevate your entire business concept and can create an entire online presence centered on it. You will be pleased with the results and will likely notice more traffic coming to your site.

Big Drop is the company which will handle the design portion for you and give you the website that wants people to stick around at and poke around for a while. The company has a wide and impressive list of clients from financial institutions to major retailers of small and medium size businesses located across the country.



Webpage FX

(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

Webpage FX is a team of talented people who love helping their clients to succeed online. This custom web design firm is the top firm in Pennsylvania among small to medium sized business. They put user experience at the top of their list of priorities.

They not only just create websites, Webpage FX is also a complete digital marketing agency offering a complete set of services to market it to potential customers including SEO, pay-per-click management,  email marketing and social media promotion.



(Chicago, Illinois)

Kohactive is a perfection in both interaction and innovation as well as one of the leading firms in   worldwide. Kohactive offers clients the dynamic and innovative service they required to succeed in the world on online business.

The professionals at Kohactive enhances the sites for conversion, engagement, and functionality. They communicate with each client to make them ensures that their perspective and professional vision is realized through the e-commerce campaign.



The NetHawks

(Lahore, Pakistan)

The Nethawks has 5-year experience in the field of websites design and development. No matter what category of websites you are looking for online retailing, marketing, catalog, merchant or other, one will not regret the decision of choosing them.

Many investors and entrepreneurs in Pakistan have a high level of trust in them. According to them “Until your satisfaction is not gained, their services is considered incomplete”.



Skuba Design

(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Skuba Design is a full-service agency. They produce client’s product pages the most eye-catching, innovative and engaging. They are also capable of developing and creating content, market research, social media optimization, direct marketing, and brand strategy.

The techies in the firm offer SEO services to get the client web pages visible in SERP ranking. They also develop motion graphics and motion videos.



Final Thoughts

Well, this a look at the top web design and development companies all around the world. They all have same things in common. They provide high-quality services, got an impressive list of clients, have a great looking portfolio and they all contribute to the community in one way or another.