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Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services and How to Choose the Best One

Moiz Khan Oct 02, 2019

Staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing companies use when large-scale or vital projects need additional talent to complete. Consequently, companies enhance their current staff with experts who have specialized skill sets ideal for specific projects. In thriving industries, like IT, where projects are constant and high-volume, working with staff augmentation firms helps get work done, with the right talent for each project.

The advantages of staff augmentation services abound; it’s a cost-effective approach that leads to quicker scalability for a business. For some organizations, these benefits are mired in confusion over how staff augmentation can work for a business.

So, here are five amazing benefits of staff augmentation:

1. It Saves You Money

Employing a full-time workforce for the purpose of working on a particular project costs more time, money, and energy than needed. Instead, organizations can increase current teams with dedicated experts to work exclusively on a short-term basis. This circumvents costs associated with salaries, benefits and other costs of hiring someone full-time– and who may or may not have the particular skills to work on a specific project. Staff augmentation gives businesses the option to hire for the short term, instant and precise needs of the company without affecting the quality of talent they bring on.

2. It Gives Companies Chance to Hire based on Specific Skills

Short-term projects are perfect for temporary staff who only need to work for a certain amount of hours. Staffing augmentation services, then, give businesses the chance to hire based on specific skills. This affords organizations skilled talent at a portion of the cost of hiring a salaried expert for full-time work. Companies can recognize the skills or fields in which their permanent staff needs help with, and modify their staff augmentation to meet those requirements. It keeps businesses in control, and costs down.

3. It Lets You Scale Your Business Quicker

Staff augmentation lets you scale your staff in an affordable way. By reducing costs while still recruiting top talent for particular projects, businesses can scale their business quicker than if they were to hire new, full-time employees. In most industries, an organization’s workload is ever-changing in size, while temporary employment is the ideal solution to handling continuing and forthcoming demands on a project-by-project basis. That means taking on more business without impacting the quality of your project.

4. It Lets Companies Retain Control

Although staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing, it allows organizations to retain control over the skills and experience they need from impermanent staff. The major benefit to this is that businesses have the ability to monitor the development of their temporary hires, because they’ll likely be working alongside their full-time staff. This also removes other disadvantages to totally outsourcing projects to external teams. Staff augmentation allows companies to uphold the confidentiality of their projects, for instance, and make recommendations to the project in real-time.

5. It Earns You an Unbiased Outlook

For impermanent staff, an ‘outsider’s’ viewpoint may be beneficial to a company with continuing projects. A pair of fresh eyes can illuminate recommendations for improvement to projects or practices that permanent staff may be too absorbed in their work to appreciate. This objective or external voice may raise output and ideas in the workplace. What’s more, every workplace is unique, and the dynamic from office to office is likely going to be different. For impermanent employees working on a project-by-project basis, the likelihood of them getting involved in any office politics is much less than if they were on-boarding full-time! For a fitting, affordable way to hire gifted professionals for the short-term, staff augmentation is the new name of the game.

How to Choose the Right Staff Augmentation Service

Given companies’ increasing reliance on technological solutions to deal with a slew of challenges, a scarcity of IT talent looms large. According to an estimate, 75% of companies will undergo noticeable disruptions in infrastructure and operations owing to technology skill deficiencies by 2020. The context of doing business has also become more intricate, with overseas offices, several locations, data needs that reach across the company, highly specialized skills necessities, and short-term ventures.

No matter you are a startup that’s working to get a new project off the ground or a global Fortune 500 on the lookout for staff solutions in a foreign market, staff augmentation can be of great help. Here’s how you can choose the right staff augmentation provider for your needs.

What Kinds of Skills and Resources Do You Need Help With?

Staff augmentation allows you to access the IT talent required for your projects. Your vendor handles staffing, training, and communication, but they communicate directly with your team for tighter placement and agility. You should begin your search for a staff augmentation partner by delineating your objects, and see if you need assistance with a particular venture, rising employment challenges, or solutions in a given marketplace. What kinds of services, experience, and projects do you need help with? Precise project scoping will help you recognize a provider that can work to your unique provisions.

Does the Provider Serve Your Local or Global Markets?

Regardless of whether you’re working in a distant part of the United States or in several global markets, it’s significant to confirm that a possible provider has know how and contacts in that market. If you’re global, find out staff augmentation providers with a global influence. Coordinating staff across different regions or staffing partners adds unnecessary layers of complexity. Working with a partner that has resources in your key markets simplifies the process. Explore what systems they have in place to scope projects, identify needs, hire staff in different countries, and facilitate logistics and languages challenges.

How Does the Provider Streamline Their Account Communications?

Staff augmentation helps solve an IT employment issue, and dealing with IT talent ought not to create new challenges. When opting a staff augmentation partner, it’s imperative to learn how communications must be done at various corporate or global levels. For example, if you are looking for support in two countries, you should be able to deal with different account managers. In other situations, organizations that need a portfolio of services may find they’re coping with different points of contact when bringing on workers with different skill sets. Complex communications swiftly eat away at the advantages of staff augmentation, so you should find a provider that readily fulfills all your needs. In addition to understanding your company, you’ll have a simplified communication structure when questions, glitches, or new ventures arise.

How Fast and Effective is Their Execution?

Naturally, ensure that the staff augmentation businesses you talk with can meet your timelines. How fast and nimble is their execution? For example, waiting 60 days to fill a precedence role isn’t cost-effective. Staff augmentation should allow you to move projects onward rapidly. There are numerous ways to assess. Choose a nimble, effective, and customer-centric partner that brings results at the speed your business demands.

The correct IT talent can help your company reach its goals swiftly, and keep your central systems operating at top capacity. Staff augmentation can help you solve complicated IT talent hiring problems. It all starts with finding the right partner. Answering these questions can help you recognize a provider to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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