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Top 15 Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Software for Enterprises

Moiz Khan Oct 01, 2019

What really is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a procedure used mostly by businesses to handle and integrate core components of their businesses. Several ERP software apps are vital to businesses since they help them execute resource planning by integrating all the practices necessary to run their businesses with a unified system. The ERP software system can also incorporate scheduling, inventory purchases, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and much more.

How ERP Works For Your Enterprise?

ERP systems depend on a centrally controlled relational database, which gathers and stores business data in sheets. The central storage of data enables end-users, like finance, sales, and other departments, to easily access the requested information for analysis.

Rather than staff in different departments maintaining their own spreadsheets and reports, ERP systems enable reporting to be obtained from a single centralized system. Information modified in a single ERP module, like those of CRM, HR, and finance, is sent to a central shared database. Suitable data in the central database will then be shared with all the other modules.

Why ERP is Important?

Here are four key business benefits of ERP

  • IT cost savings
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Business process standardization platform
  • Gateway for business innovation

Although companies almost always depend on the first two fields because they are quick to quantify, the latter two areas may have a higher effect on businesses.

ERP makes accessible real-time business information across the organization, allowing companies to adapt swiftly and respond to adjustments. Business information available in ERP systems offers for even more intelligent decision-making within an organization. ERP systems can also share information with third-party members and suppliers in order to strengthen the efficiency of the supply chain.

Top 15 Manufacturing Software Leaders

 1. Oracle ERP Cloud


It provides an end-to-end business management framework, Oracle ERP Cloud offers customers with an embedded system for major companies, extending from telecommunications and marketing firms to pharmacological and manufacturers. It includes economic scheduling characteristics, risk management tools, project implementation features, and compliance surveillance options. Additionally, Oracle ERP Cloud also provides users with a Performance Management Module to help you measure profitability within your business and determine how and when to significantly improve operations.

2. MIE Trak Pro


MIE Trak Pro ERP is designed for manufacturers by offering modules intended to fit most manufacturing processes and by optimizing the functionality of repetitive, customized, fast-turn and mixed-mode procedures.

MIE Trak Pro restructures the main components for maximum speed, efficiency, consistency and execution in real-time. The system also provides a kiosk data catalog and whiteboard scheduling modules with drag-and-drop schedule changes. It includes user and seller centers and an executive management analysis to help ensure customers have access to real-time information updates.

3. DDI System


The DDI System provides ‘Inform ERP’, which is a fully functional, real-time system that links every facet of distributor operation to a fast and efficient workflow. Informing aligns distribution procedures using tools designed to line up daily tasks with new, opportunistic sources of revenue and to start concentrating on the customer. Inform ERP offers business-specific solutions for distributors to succeed in today’s competitive environment. With a remarkable competitive edge by an ever-changing, customer-connected, mobile-based and cloud-connected platform for progress, inform customers of a versatile solution that can operate from on-site, in-house either on-site servers or cloud-hosted environments.



SYSPRO ERP software is a fully integrated on-site and cloud-based business software solution that offers authority over all aspects of business planning and management. The SYSPRO solution provides your business visibility and power, comprising more than 50 self-developed modules built for mid-market manufacturers and retailers in a multitude of sectors, such as food, machinery, and electronics, etc. Every SYSPRO business aspect, including financial, CRM, inventory, processes and supply chain management, is regulated via the SYSPRO user interface. It is among the first businesses to develop ERP software, uses a single-source solution after three decades of focus — the single DNA software guarantees that there are one installation and no complicated integration or need to install various modules.

5. Abas ERP


With more than 35 years, Abas have actually helped production-related businesses everywhere around the globe embrace change and benefit from the digital transformation with efficient ERP software, smart enterprise process consulting. Abas offers ERP and Business Process Management software based on open requirements which allow organizations to access the authority of their business-critical material. Regardless of whether managing or controlling, buying or selling, service or accounting, manufacturing or warehousing: as an extensive method, abas ERP offers each user with the precise tasks and data they need.

6. Z Suite ERP


A suite of business apps with key functions of CRM, POS, and HRM, Z Suite ERP provides you with all the important tools to centralize your data and streamline interdepartmental activities. Primarily designed for SMBs, the Z Suite ERP comes integrated with all the vital features required to operate business development, without any worry comes with sophisticated tools. As all the information is centralized from the inside of a single platform, you can absolutely guarantee that everyone in your organization is going to work on a single version of reality.

7.  Sage Intacct


The next widely known cloud accounting ideal solution is Sage Intacct. Developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, this platform features integration-based ERP capacities, such as financial management, wholesale distribution, and retail management. Additionally, it also includes workflow management solutions which permit you to operate bank rapprochement, automatically generated journal entries, and trial balance. Moreover, Sage Intact comes with easy to use interface that both novice and skilled users will be able to catch up in a little or no time.

8. Infor ERP LN


This one has a single code base for all systems and promotes integration with internal devices, such as the supply chain and the Web, utilizing industry-standard techniques. The approach promotes procedures from make-to-stock (MTS) to engineer-to-order (ETO) and cost-cutting methods such as flow line and lean manufacturing. Such a cross-industry solution delivers functionality to companies in discreet and project-based manufacturing sectors, including industrial machinery and equipment, high-tech and electronics, automotive and defense, and aerospace.

Infor Open Architecture, the service-oriented technology on which Infor ERP LN is created, encourages users to build links with their supply chains through conventional, loosely coupled integration (J2EE, SOAP, and WDSL) and complete support for web services.

9. ERPNext


It’s a free open-source method designed by keeping a modern consumer in mind. It is created for small and medium-sized enterprises. ERPNext is defined as a sequence of applications. The software is centered on the MariaDB database system and incorporates the JavaScript and Python server-side frameworks. ERPNext enables you to monitor your inventory throughout various stores and is generally used for manufacturing, handling customer problems and helping you control multiple user roles at a time. The simplicity of ERPNext implies that it’s easy to set up, using simple forms to enter data about your enterprise and guide you through the entire process in a standard setup wizard style.

10. iDempiere Business Suite


It is also recognized as OSGi + ADempiere, an open-source ERP software that is entirely accessible to PCs, tablets, and smartphones, as well as customer relationship management and supply chain management applications. It is an all in one ERP, with everything from billing to POS incorporation to warehouse handling to predicting. Aimed for SMEs, iDempiere has a unique emphasis on the community that involves: subject matter specialists, implementers, and end-users. system criteria include the following: Java OpenJDK, PostgreSQL Database, or Oracle Database.

11. Odoo


Odoo is exceptional among our examples of ERP software owing to its open-source, modular design. It offers you with the finest sales and project management capacities to begin and, as your business grows, you can then choose to expand the platform’s capabilities by selecting the right from their wide range of different of apps. They cover a wide range of apps for MRP, POS, accounting, eCommerce and other company procedures. In addition, the system is capable of effortlessly incorporating with third-party apps so you can make use of your existing systems.

12. Microsoft Dynamics GP


This one comes from the market leader ‘Microsoft’. It delivers a powerful set of features that address financial management, human resource management, supply chain management, and workspace collaboration. Also, it is recognized for its top-notch business intelligence functionality, which allows users to get prosecutable ideas into their ERP data. Another redeeming quality of this specific platform is that it integrates effortlessly with third-party partners, both cloud-hosted and on-premise.

13. NetSuite Manufacturing Edition


NetSuite supports integrated inventory, warehouse maintenance, accounting, and financial planning, order management, customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce platforms. Offered as a cloud-based solution and delivered over all the web, NetSuite is used by manufacturing companies to administrate production orders, guarantee the basic level of inventory recovery and meet the demands and quality of special orders. Moreover, the platform also promotes inventory for different locations, inventory management specifications, material billing, work order management, various measurement processes, barcoding procedures and other required workflows in the manufacturing sector. Also, it incorporates shipping procedures with market-leading carriers.

14. Epicor ERP


Epicor provides flexible, industry-specific company software to meet the specific requirements of manufacturing customers. With over 40 years of experience with our customers, unique business processes and regulatory requirements are embedded into every alternative in the cloud and on-site. With this wide knowledge of your business, Epicor solutions significantly strengthen productivity and profitability while lowering complexity so that you can focus on development.



Exact is cloud-based business software for SMEs. It provides its ‘Globe Next’ ERP solution, involving accounting, inventory management, billing and payment, accounting, and much more. Globe Next can be instituted in the cloud or even on-site. Globe Next was initially planned as a software program but has developed into an extensive ERP system. Exact Software can help you with its established ERP solutions for your monetary administration with fully integrated business-specific solutions.