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Best Framework for Android App Development in 2022

Hammad Faheem Jan 24, 2022

Mobile applications are an integral part of our lives. From waking up every morning with our Apple watch’s alarm to ordering food, booking a cab to commute to work, to monitor our number of steps in our morning walk. This and so much more is just a gist of our daily life reliance on mobile applications.

But, have you ever wondered what goes behind the development of the apps you can’t live without? What are the frameworks necessary for their operation? Today we are going to give you the list of the best Android app development frameworks in 2022. Let’s start

1.    Flutter

Let’s start with Flutter.

Flutter is a cross-platform application development framework. Released in 2017, it was designed with the aim of developing the Android operating system. Ever since its launch, Flutter has gained recognition as the most popular framework and dominates the list of the Most Used Frameworks in 2019 and 2020. Currently, it is preferable for the Android framework for 42% of developers.

Flutter is every developer’s choice because of its efficiency in rendering 2D hybrid platforms. Unlike React Native it utilizes its own canvas to render app components.

2.    Kotlin

Kotlin is a Java interoperable framework that is known for its rich features and seamless functions. It is a good choice for server-side app development in 2022. Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is currently used for embedded systems and iOS which makes it a one-stop language for all areas.

Some of the famous apps that use the Kotlin framework include Uber, Pinterest, Google, Tinder, Slack, Coursera, Trello, Evernote, and more.

3.    React Native

In 2015, the social media giant, Facebook created React Native to be an open-source cross-platform framework. With the help of this platform, apps for iOS, Web, UWP, and Android can be developed. It allows developers to build apps via JavaScript and React with the strong capabilities of native Android app development.

The best feature of React Native is that it enables developers to construct user interfaces from the system’s native building blocks instead of simulating native performance like most of the other frameworks. Some of the applications developed with React Native are Discord and Airbnb.

4.    Ionic

Ionic is one of the finest android app development frameworks in 2022. It is an MIT-certified open-source app development framework that is available for free. Ionic uses the combination of CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5 for cross-platform app development. With its, help developers can build hybrid apps and PWAs (Progressive Web Applications).

It is known for its reliability and powerful components that allow faster development. It can easily integrate with other libraries such as AngularJS. Ionic has a wide range of cross-platform functionalities that enhances the construction of Android app development.

The Bottom Line

We have curated a list after reviewing many factors such as the operating system. development times, and more. Android app development is evolving every day and with such massive evolution, the mobile app development trends have seen big paradigms such as code, platform, script, and more. We hope our list of mobile app development frameworks helps you and you experience the best of growing technology adaption in any app you build.