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How to Optimize Facebook Business Page

Arpatech Jan 14, 2022

Facebook is the best platform to promote your brand and reach the masses. Being the pioneer of social networking sites, Facebook has established an identity of adding value to any small venture. For marketing of any brand, this is the most important ingredient. While some techniques can be costly for a business, Facebook promotes brands and earn big profits without having to spend too much.

To help achieve this, a Facebook business page has to be perfectly optimized and it takes great SEO power to accomplish the correct optimization. Here, you will learn how you can optimize Facebook business page for your profit.

1.    About Us section

The About Us section on your business Facebook page is your introduction to the audience. It tells them where your office is, what services you offer, when your services are available, and more. It is a good place to explain your values, your business’s vision, and how you can benefit your audience with your services and products. With a strong story of your brand, using accurate wordings, including keywords in the About Us section, you can attract many potential customers and optimize your page the right way.

2.    Right keywords

For optimization of your business page, there has to be appropriate integration of keywords even when it comes to social media. Place your targeted keywords in the most strategic parts of your page; it is crucial but very important.

Place your keywords in the URL, About Us section, page titles, on the home page, and in positions where they appear in top search results.

3.    Up-to-date profile

You must have a complete set of required information updated on your profile. Your cover photo, bio, profile picture must contain complete information. When your profile is up-to-date according to the latest trends in the industry, it shows your professional attitude. Additionally, consistency matters through all platforms, especially the main visual match. Make sure the cover photo is optimized in a size that fits the requirement.

4.    New Features

Facebook introduces new features from time to time to help business pages. It also allows page optimization for businesses to run easily. There are a few features you can add to your Facebook business page such as Call to Action (CTA) which are meant for driving action on the page and enabling users to reach their desired destination. Some of CTAs include Sign Up, Click Save, Download, Contact Us, Shop Now, Book Now, and more.

You may also incorporate a payment feature via the Messenger app for mobile and desktop where payments can be made using a debit card without paying for service charges.

5.    Pin Important Posts

To highlight important posts on your page, you can pin them so that they stay at the top of your timeline. This means that even when your posts get older, they won’t move down. This feature helps promote the content that needs to have a long lifespan. You can pin different posts such as lead magnets, live video, necessary information, welcome video, testimonials, and more. All you have to do is manually select the post you want to pin and that’s it.

The Bottom Line

Business pages need extra attention especially as they can help you generate revenue. You may also research your competitors to identify the latest trends and formulate strategies that suit your business. Remember, your purpose is to stimulate engagement and receive desired results using correct Facebook strategies.

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