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Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosting For Your Magento Store

Moiz Khan Feb 06, 2017

So you have decided to create an eStore on Magento?

The first thing you need to think for it, is your hosting provider.

If you are familiar with the technology of cloud then you must know about some of the key advantages of it. But when it comes to your store and giving the people the ease of use then you have to choose the best cloud hosting provider to get the best result because each visit and every second is precious to count.

So it is proved that a good and stable hosting is an important thing while setting up the e-store because a trusted Cloud hosting effects directly on the Magento store, all the functioning and all the managements depends on it.

So in this article, I am here to help you out in this and i will tell you about the key points that will explain you why you should choose cloud hosting for your Magento store and what are the advantages if you choose Cloud hosting for your Magento store. There are some of them mentioned below.

Increased Scalability:

The first thing that i am going to discuss is the scalability means how “Elastic” is the service? Will the business grow with it? Will it manage the data according to the growth? These are some questions that almost covers this heading. Many of the merchants have large stores with heavy traffic on various events like new product launching or on any event that fulfills the urgency of short-term demand requires to be managed.
But if you use cloud service instead of any hardware, during the promotional event you can just upgrade the servers and when the event is out you can downgrade it,  that is the big advantage but it is not possible if you use any hardware.

Increased Security with Fewer Risks:

The most important thing is security and less risk issues. The security solutions of a cloud service is higher than any other hosting servers. You don’t want your data to be leaked that is a big concern before choosing the hosting for the Magento store. So cloud hosting is the best possible and available solution for Magento store with increased security.

To see if the company is following all up to date security standards just ask them about their security policy.

As far as the security is increased, one also have concerns about the risks of the data loss. Well cloud hosting provide you the backups which will make sure that your data will not get loss and will get restore. The data is stored in different remote locations so people are more relaxed about the loss of their data.

Cache Management and Increased Speed

If your store is not speeded enough then your customer will get annoyed and will not enjoy their visit or purchase anything from your store. So cloud hosting for your store has solved these issues. As it gives the cache management from the server side and helps your store to run faster with higher and increased speed by providing you Redis, Memcached, Varnish. Make sure to configure them on server side.

Cheap pricing with Cost saving

Cost is most important and primary thing for moving the Magento Store to the cloud. Purchasing a hardware and a bandwidth will become costly whether you have made and deployed your store cheaply or not , A cloud based company will allow you to save 80% of the costs associated with the normal and traditional ecommerce rollout.


The most important thing is that how easy the server is to manage as the servers of the hardware are more complex to be managed but if we talk about cloud hosting they are more easy to get managed due to web-based console. If a cloud hosting is more automated than the management can be done with greater efficiency without letting you compromise on control.

Reliable and Recoverable

Many of the organization do not take care of DR (Disaster Recovery) for their applications. If you would talk about the hardware hosting, there are less chances of recovering of data but cloud hosting is more reliable and keeps backup of the data and can be recovered whenever needed. To make the backup of the data in cloud you have to clone the virtual machine by doing so the speed is also increased for up to 10x and thus! Saves the time.

Latest PHP version

Cloud companies need to update them selves to support the latest technologies. Magento runs on PHP so you have to make sure that the cloud hosting must provide you the latest version of PHP.


We have viewed advantages that a cloud hosting provides that will surely clear you that why you should choose Cloud Hosting for your Magento Store.. A cloud hosting will make your store run faster and smoother and let your customers attract and make their experience worthy. The cloud hosting will surely automate most of the things and will increase the sales. So, Get Started from Today!!

Reading this article will clarify your concerned points but still if you are confused to choose a hosting company or which hosting provider you should choose then let me know in the comment below.
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