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Everything You Need To Know About The Features In Drupal 8

Moiz Khan Feb 08, 2017

Drupal 8 – The development of Drupal 8 started in March 2011. Since after its development, all the developers and the world become fond of this application framework. all of them has looked forward to all outcomes of this new development, all the features and API completion, clean-up, beta and release candidate (RC), all of them with baited breath.

The Drupal 8.0.0 got published in November 2015, the sighs of reliefs turned into odd murmurs — what is this all about?? There are many Drupal features that you should not ignore!  

Drupal 8 has taken all users, administrators, and developers to the greater height than before. After reading this article you will have get an idea about how you can boost your business with Drupal.

Nowadays, developers are focusing on how to make the management system user-friendly, how to make new ways to create high data structures, build efficient APIs, how to make it multilingual capable and mobile accessible out of the box? Don’t worry at all!! Drupal 8 brings all of them under one umbrella!

Top Drupal 8 features that you Should not Ignore.

The Drupal 8 backend that is powered by Symfony 2, the  lighter and faster core, offers us with many more capabilities for modules and themes. Including these, the Drupal 8 migration curve got reduced as well. All these huge changes provokes one to switch to Drupal 8 because of the top Drupal 8 key features that you should not ignore:

Brand New Theme Engine

Twig- the brand new theme engine that Drupal 8 have included. This new theme engine is PHP-based, is flexible enough, fast and quicker and last but not the least is fully secure. It’s a new and good news for the developers. Now they can develop more beautiful and more functional Drupal site just because of Twig. Its templates are written in a less complex syntax as compared to PHP template, while they are more secure than others.

This is one of best Drupal feature and benefit that will help you to know why to choose Drupal.

Mobile First From the Get-Go

All Drupal’s themes are mobile friendly that means they can fit on the mobile screen without any hitch. There is a ‘Back to Side’ button to go back to the front page. This new admin toolbar works well on all type of mobile devices. The second best answer as why to choose Drupal.

More HTML5 Power

Whenever it comes to write web markup, it’s better to keep it up with HTML5. The Drupal 8 also uses this de facto standard, which gives you all of the access to input fields from e-mail to phone no. etc. One of Drupal best features that you should not ignore.  Also, it enables the website to be more functionally and compatible with mobile and handheld.

Multi Language Supported

Drupal have some features that are out of the box like Multilingual ready making it the first choice of developers. The admin interface has the built-in translation. The community automatically facilitates the translation updates.

Quick Edits

It is another top Drupal best feature that you should not ignore. Drupal allows you to change something you need to – directly and quickly. This feature is a backport of the Drupal 8 in-place of editing for Fields. You can edit the text directly for quick fixes and additions from the end-end after logging in to Drupal. How cool!

Built-in Web Services

Now you can use Drupal 8 as a data source itself, and output content as JSON or XML. Also, there is a step that you can make by posting data back to Drupal 8 from the front end.  Drupal 8 now came up with Hypertext Application Language (HAL) that makes exploitation of web services less painful.

Loading Speed

Drupal 8 now uses Cache that stores all of the entities and only loads JavaScript whenever needed.  Therefore, whenever you view the page, Drupal do not reload again and again. The previously viewed content is quickly loaded from the cache thus increases the speed of Drupal website. Once configured and enabled, Cache is entirely automatic.

JavaScript Automated Testing

Drupal 8.1 now provides JavaScript automated testing, a cool new Drupal feature. Now Software testers have the abilities to test JS frontend automatically. This automated testing saves time for many of us making continuous integration that is much easier.

Wrapping Things up For Drupal 8 best Features!

Enough Drupal 8 Features to think about?? These were some top Drupal features that you should not ignore. These top features give us reasons to upgrade to Drupal 8. This platform is the collective work of over 3,000 contributors.

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