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Everything You Need to Know About Chatbot Marketing

Usama Ziafat Sep 12, 2023
A comprehensive guide to gatbot marketing, covering all the essential information you need to know

Chatbots are here to stay. When you go online, you often encounter chatbots, which comprise most of your online experiences. These chatbots come in various forms, such as comment bots or even harmful ones that spread viruses. However, the most common and beneficial chatbots are the ones used by businesses to enhance their growth by engaging with customers, providing support, and using chatbot marketing. Many companies have effectively started using chatbots for marketing purposes. So, let us begin with a basic understanding of what chatbots are about chatbot marketing.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants that can engage in real-time conversations with users and have become an integral part of digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. There are two kinds of chatbots: rule-based ones and ones that use artificial intelligence (AI).

Chatbot technology is revolutionizing customer service with its efficiency and convenience.

Rule-based chatbots respond in the same manner every time or differently depending on certain keywords words in the messages. AI chatbots, on the other hand, learn from the messages and figure out what people mean. They talk back more naturally. You can usually find chatbots in text messages, on websites, or in social media apps like Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct. They read and answer the messages people send them.

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot marketing is a method for advertising products and services through chatbots, which are computer programs that engage in conversations with users following a predefined script or with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Brands design these virtual assistants using a chatbot creator and link them to messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram, or embed them on their websites.

What Sets a Marketing Chatbot Apart from a Regular Bot?

The key distinction lies in the fact that a marketing chatbot is designed for specific marketing purposes. These computer programs engage with users either through predefined scripts or by utilizing artificial intelligence.

Also, its success is evaluated by its capability to attract customers to subscribe to a newsletter or motivate them to make purchases from your company’s online store.

Why is Chatbot Marketing Beneficial for Businesses?

1.     Round the Clock Availability

Did you know that more than 50% of your customers expect you to be available 24/7? Round the clock availability is not humanly possible. So, how about you make it easy and opt for chatbot marketing? Even if a potential customer is visiting your website late at night, a marketing chatbot is available to offer suggestions and assist with orders. This can enhance the shopping experience and potentially lead to additional sales for your business. This can mostly work for consumers who get the time late at night to scroll through their feeds and make purchases online.

2.     Lead Generation

Chatbots can get the information they need to help you well, especially when they are on your website. For instance, if a chatbot asks why you are on a website, it can assist you in finding what you are looking for and encouraging you to take action. Also, chatbots for marketing can increase sales when they are set up to send you messages about deals and savings to make buying faster. By understanding what customers and potential customers are saying in their messages, chatbots can guide them in the right direction, whether it is helping them or connecting them with the sales team.

3.     Customer Engagement

Chatbots can engage more people on your website and help you sell more products by chatting with customers. You can also make your chatbots for marketing take orders and guide customers to buy things as a part of an intelligent chatbot marketing campaign.

4.     Cost-Effectiveness

Using chatbots can significantly reduce customer service costs by handling routine inquiries and tasks, freeing up human resources for more complex issues.

This image depicts a chatbot designed for iPhone users, providing an efficient and convenient way to communicate with the device.

How to Use Chatbot Marketing?

1.     Appointment Scheduling

Using chatbots, you can help your customers easily and swiftly schedule their next appointment with you. This can be done by linking your calendar to the chatbot, which will then inquire about the date, time, and how to reach them for booking, even when you’re occupied with other duties. This can be used as a great chatbot marketing campaign and it is particularly beneficial for businesses that provide services, such as a beauty salon or a fitness center.

2.     On-Site Operations

The great thing about chatbots and messaging apps working together is that they can make digital marketing very practical and turn its results into real-life benefits.

With mobile-friendly chatbot marketing, you can offer on-site services such as sharing information about your business location and opening hours, as well as answering common questions. You can send electronic receipts to save the environment and gather data (which can help you link purchases with specific customers, understand their buying habits, and offer personalized deals). Chatbots can provide the Wi-Fi password or show the list of menu items or services. Moreover, it can offer schedules and room details for events, classes, or meetings.

3.     Making Orders

If you have an online store where you sell products such as clothes, food, and accessories, a chatbot can be really helpful. It lets customers place orders right in the chat. Even if a customer is not ready to buy yet, the chatbot can help them narrow down what they are looking for before they talk to a real person.

For example, for an online tech store, the chatbot can inquire about the customer’s preferences, such as whether they are interested in laptops, smartphones, or gaming accessories. Based on their responses, the chatbot can then provide product recommendations, specifications, and pricing information.

Summing It Up

Now is the time to think about what your business needs, look into which chatbot platform suits your business the most, and start creating one of the chatbot marketing examples mentioned earlier.

Now is the moment to begin responding to customer questions and connecting with potential and current clients in a friendly, interactive manner on the Internet, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.