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How Chatbots Can Help Serve Your Ecommerce Business

Arpatech Feb 10, 2020

Managing an ecommerce business includes several day-to-day activities. You are constantly trying to optimize product pages, add new items, notify buyers of abandoned carts, generate and promote sales and coupons — and this is seldom mirrored instantly in your revenue.

Chatbots help customers find information about the services that a business offers, check the availability of their goods, store locations, make reservations or bookings, assess the customer’s experience with the service and many more varying directives.

Here’s how they help serve your e-commerce business:

Help Customers Browse E-Store

A customer has to browse through your entire store without the help of an ecommerce chatbot to find the product that they are looking for. And what if they just don’t know what they want?

The more time a customer invests trying to find a product on your site the greater the probability that they will abandon the sales funnel. So, in order to rescue the situation, a chatbot can speed up and simplify customers shopping experience by helping them find the perfect product.

Offer Products to Customers

A shopper sometimes has no idea what they really want. They maybe buy someone a gift, and they don’t know where to start. They may be giving somebody a present, and they don’t know where to begin.

Using a chatbot in this situation is valuable because it will enable the customer to narrow down items based on various considerations, such as price ranges. Under its guidelines, customers can conveniently see a number of products and go on from there.

Help Ease Payments Methods

Checking out is one of the most frustrating parts of the online shopping process. A customer typically has to go through several different pages: entering payment information, providing shipping and billing addresses, and making sure they order the right products in the amounts they need.

The payment process can be completed with chatbots straight in the chat! A customer can even complete the entire shopping process from finding a product to ordering it – without having to leave the chat window.

Follow Up with Customers

Abandoned shopping carts are one of the major risks for missing ecommerce revenue.

A customer may abandon his cart on a shopping site for a number of reasons. The prices were perhaps way too high. Or maybe the website required the customer to make an account, and they weren’t interested in keeping track of another login or delete more emails. In such case, an ecommerce chatbot will help re-engage such shoppers. Through reminding them of their abandoned carts, chatbots can follow up customers, and even provide an alternative to quickly complete the order right in the chat.

Moreover, chatbots can be used to get customer feedback on past purchases. They can also prompt customers to conclude a product or site review which will help boost business sales and scale.

Display Facebook Ads

Facebook Messenger ads can be presented using chatbots. These Facebook messenger CTA ads direct user to the chat window rather than the website. After you have caught the eye of a potential customer with your ad (maybe by providing a discount code), you can have the Facebook Messenger chatbot ask the customer for whatever details.


Take away…

Chatbots are here to help you overcome the challenges in ecommerce marketing. They will you’re your ecommerce business generate leads, collect payment, and serve as sales assistants or personal shoppers. They’re best of all available 24/7.

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