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How To Get Featured In Google Answer Boxes

Arpatech Nov 30, 2018
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What are Google Answer Boxes?

A featured snippet/answer boxes/zero ranking is an answer to search query extracted from a webpage, including the title and URL of the page.

Types Of Featured Snippet

  • Text or Paragraph Snippets
  • List
  • Tables
  • Videos

Is there a difference in Featured Snippet & Answer Boxes?

Yes, as sometimes Google directly answers the questions without giving any credit to the source.

How to do Keyword research for Featured Snippet

1. Moz Keyword Explorer

Login to the tool, type the keyword, click ‘keyword suggestions’, click “Display keyword suggestions that”, select “are questions”.

2. SerpStat

Type the keyword such as “iphone”, add filter “Special elements in SERP”, click include and finally select “Featured Snippet”.

3. SEMRush

Type the domain, Click organic search, Select featured snippet on right side.

4. Google Search Questions

Simply search a question and explore, “People also ask”.

5. Answer the Public

Visit answer the public, type the keyword in search box & it will provide you with a huge list of questions.

6. Related Searches

At the bottom of search, you can explore more and related questions in “searches related to ‘keyword’.

7. Google Trends

Explore the trendy questions via Google related searches in Google trends.

8. Quora, Yahoo Answers

Search for your question and see the related questions. Select the relevant topic to further refine the searches.

How to optimize for Featured Snippet

Start from on-page Optimization;

1. Schema Markup

The strong signal of higher ranking, thus more chances to get featured in answer boxes.

2. Content Optimization

Create targeted & high-quality content with comprehensive answers.

3. Paragraphs

Answer the query in a short summary within 40-50 words and use in <p> tag.

4. Tables

Complicated/statistical stuff must be presented in tabular form and use the <table> tag.

5. Lists/ Steps

Maximize headings in bullets form & mark-up the main heading by (H1) with subheadings tags (H2, H3).

Is it necessary to Rank Higher?

YES. Ahrefs study shows, 99.58% times Google Features the websites those rank on the first page.

Link Building & Anchor Texts

Create links with the selected question as an anchor text.

Securing the Current Snippets

Check current snippets via SEM rush or other tools and you might be already featured in Google. Secure IT!!

If you really want to get your website in Google featured Snippet contact us to get started.

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