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Server Configuration For SEO

Mirza Azhar Baig Sep 29, 2017

This article will prove to be an essential guide for the SEO beginners who assign to perform onsite activities. Before starting any onsite SEO activity, it really matters that your practical knowledge on how to achieve to tweak. The site should have effective SEO and getting fruitful results from such website. One needs to identify the website’s server to be competent to perform such activity and its scripting format and technologies used for its development.

One should know whether the website server is using Apache or Microsoft IIS? PHP, ASP, or Java. This action will explain the SEO why one should need to know about the server, and even how to find it out which it is. Tweaking the website needs some expertise regarding the web server. It means scripting formation to use in it so that the best SEO results can be achieved.

Obviously, if one entirely contented functioning with PHP on Apache web servers. Thus, it has no awareness of how to use ASP.NET on a Windows server. Then, one should not consent any onsite SEO activity for a Microsoft based web domain for fruitful results. It means unsafe to perform an onsite activity on any website. It remains beyond one’s competences because it might harm the existing constant setup of the domain. One will remain responsible for the occurred damages.

How to recognize if the server practices Apache or Microsoft IIS?

One needs to examine the most significant steps involved to identify the web server which is used by any web domain. If one has an Apache user and wish to practice .htaccess to perform approximate redirects or need to rewrite URL. It will won’t work with IIS. Also, if one feels further familiar at functioning with Microsoft IIS servers than Apache. Then, it will surely become necessary to check first. If the web domain on which onsite SEO activity will perform its best on a Microsoft based server.

Initially: The Apache error .htaccess test:

This technique provides the fastest way to identify if the server is using Apache or Microsoft IIS. But, it needs to note that it does not precisely offer the web server facts every time. However, it means ideal for checking. If it fails to recognize the web server exactly, one should move on to try the another method to achieve best results.

Checking the server scripting language and its technology:

There is something very essential, one should need to be familiar with is the scripting language used by the website i.e. PHP, JSP, VB.NET, C#, etc. Evidently, if one finds the website to be entirely static and is not employing any database. Then, it confirms that it is using .html. There remains several commercial websites running on the Internet and are using a precise scripting technology all over.

One thing to endure in mind that ASP.NET is not any scripting language at all. But, it surely can mean to play a part of the greater Microsoft .NET framework. Having familiar with that tool, the most corporate languages used are C# and VB.NET. Even, there exists several other techniques which can utilize for identifying the scripting language. It used by the domain for attaining effective SEO results on such website.

Template file extension test:

It is the fastest technique, but it will not always conceal the scripting language for the most part if the URL is rewritten, which actually eliminates the file extension. At this stage, simply go to the website and inspect its URL. If the file extension is observed to be as .php, then the website is running on the PHP language script.

While, if the website is practicing .aspx, then it is surely running on ASP.NET. If the website observes with the file extension as .jsp, then it is running on Java server pages. To perform this check is to move to the home page immediately, and then check it out the source code. Search it out for a string such as PHP, aspx or jsp in the URL / href value of the hyperlinks. So, after identifying the file extension test, the scripting language of the website is clearly known and it will surely supportable while performing the SEO on it and getting fruitful results as well.

Mirza Azhar Baig

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