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What is Personal Branding

Arpatech Sep 10, 2021

Branding has always been a business-oriented concept for us.

We have heard people talking about branding as a medium to establish their name in the world. That’s true. But this idea is not limited to businesses only.

In today’s world, anything can be a brand. You, as a person can become a brand if you know the right way of doing it. A brand can be a place like Disney Land or a person like Elon Musk or Imran Khan. Do you know what has worked in their favor? They know the art of personal branding.

First, let’s discuss what is personal branding

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself in a way that gains you recognition. With the help of personal branding, you become a household name if you stick to the reputation and impression you have created.

KFC was originated in 1952 and to date, it is the name everyone in the world is familiar with. Yes, it is due to the quality of the food they have worked on but also the how they have branded themselves all these years.

If I ask you what is that one thing you want to be remembered for?

Even if there is one thing that comes to your head, maybe you can work on it for your personal branding. Personal branding is a combination of your skills, experience, and how you promote yourself. All of these properties combined can make you bring your or your brand into a leading light.

You do not necessarily have to own a business to initiate your personal brand. You can use your personal story or what inspired you into going big. It is the online world and all you need are smart strategies and a sense of creativity to brand yourself in a magnanimous way. It is a slow process but it is worthwhile.

Why is Personal Branding necessary?

1.      Builds your audience

With the help of personal branding, you gain a larger audience that you or your brand requires. How can you do it?

You may start by making Facebook ads, create videos that promote you or the services your brand provides, and so on. Make the best use of content marketing to win in the digital world, this alone can help you earn a larger audience.

2.     Gain recognition

The purpose of personal branding is to gain recognition. Marvel Cinematic Universe, Justin Trudeau, Titanic, Game of Thrones, Roger Federer. These are some of the countless names everyone knows of. Although they are different in every way. Their agenda, their profession, their idea, their genre, all have probably nothing in common. But everyone knows them.

They have created awareness about themselves. They have worked hard on personal branding for people to know that they are the big shots. Your objective, your stance, and your agenda are one of the few things that will set you apart and give you the recognition you truly deserve.

3.     You are easy to find

Personal branding increases your reach and allows you to be found by the audience.

It helps our audience reach out to you and avail your services or understand what it is for them to learn from. Even if the world knows who you are yet they do not know how to find you indicates that you have not touched the finish line.

Take personal branding as a tool to let people connect with you, understand your objective, pay attention to you, and get inspired.

As much as personal branding is imperative, there are myths are surrounding the idea of personal branding that prevents people from practicing it. Let’s discuss a few myths about personal branding and bust them to empower you to go for it.

Myths about Personal Branding

1. Personal branding being famous

There is a misconception that everyone’s objective is to get famous via personal branding. It is not like that; you do not become a celebrity by personal branding. It just helps you achieve your respective goal. You can influence people and keep your privacy intact.

2. It is unnecessary

Some people believe that skills alone are enough and you do not have to promote yourself. Well, this is not how the world works now.

Skills alone are the half-won battle. People must be aware of your skills or what you have to offer and personal branding enables you to achieve that. When people talk about you or your brand behind your back, that’s when you know how important it is to educate people about you or your brand.

3. It’s a hype

If you believe that personal branding is a new trend in the market that will die down with time, you need to recall a few names such as Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, or a historic event such as World War. These names are even older than you and I are but people know about them. Why? Because they have been planned and branded this way.

In a nutshell

Like every other job, building a personal brand is not a piece of a cake too but if you do it right with the right intentions and planning, you can achieve your desired goal through it. Stay focused as to what you want out of your personal brand and work on it, you will certainly get there.

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