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Apple iOS App Updates 2020

Arpatech Nov 05, 2020

The phone you are having in your hands can do anything from ordering your food to deliver the work emails, anytime from anywhere. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, these tasks become more secure and simple with apps available for everything, be it about work or managing your lifestyle.

Apple applications have got some news and updates in the month of November 2020 that you must know about. Let us see what they are:


Availability of new subscription server notifications in production

You can create customized user experiences as App Store server notifications facilitate real-time updates on a subscriber’s status. Now you can find the following notifications in production:

  • DID_RENEW tells you when the auto-renewal is done by the subscriber successfully.
  • PRICE_INCREASE_CONSENT tells you when the users have been asked to agree to your subscription by Apple Store, this helps you in reminding them that your service has a greater value and they need to stick to your app.

Tax and price changes for apps and in-app purchases

With the rate change in taxes and foreign exchange, the App Store has also updated the prices. In the upcoming days, these prices will increase (except on the renewable subscription) in some countries that eventually reflect the following tax changes:

  • In India, new equalization of 2% will be imposed (with a tax of 18% in addition to the existing goods and services).
  • In Indonesia, 10% of value-added tax for developers based outside of Indonesia.

Apple entrepreneur camp application for underrepresented founders and developers

As black founders and developers are building cutting-edge apps for next-generation and forming a global network to encourage the entrepreneurs in technology, Apple Entrepreneurs Camp fully supports them in the execution and longevity. The first cohort is about to begin and run from February 16 to 25, 2021, and the applications are now open for all the black founders and developers. Attendees will be facilitated by the code-level guidance, inspiration, and mentorship with extraordinary experiences and access to the leaders and engineers at Apple. November 20, 2020 is the closing date for submitting applications.

Your apps can be pre-ordered earlier than before

You can now give your customers the opportunity to pre-order your app up to 180 days for download before its release on the App Store. This is the huge time to work on more features, enhancement services, and adding more content according to the interest you are getting to encourage more people to come forward and make a pre-order. After the release of your app, customers will get a notification and the automatic download will start on their devices within 24 hours.

UIWebView extended the deadline for updates in apps

WKWebView was designed in 2014 so you can quickly integrate web content into your app across iOS and macOS. Since then, we have recommended you migrate to WKWebView instead of UIWebView as App Store is no longer accepting the apps on these frameworks.

However, the deadline for app updates has been extended surpassing the end of 2020. This additional time is provided for you to move on WKWebView and understand the features that developers generally requested. The new date of the deadline will be confirmed soon.

Addition in App Store Marketing Tools

New marketing resources have been introduced to take advantage of promoting your apps around the world. Now you can generate embeddable code or short links that directly land the customers on your App Store product page and show them the icon of your app, a QR code, or an App Store badge. You can download the localized app store badges, your app icon, and more.

Review Guideline updates are now available on App Store

App Store is place that is great for developers as well as safe for the customers to discover new applications and download them. The guideline changes on App Store clarify the support over new features in upcoming releases to protect customers and help you in having a smooth review process over your apps.


There are many more news and updates that have been made for apps and Apple is continuously making more. Stay connected to learn them in the future.


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