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5 Tools Every E-Commerce Business Should Consider

Arpatech Feb 12, 2020

The world of e-commerce is evolving. Online stores have become a heaven for buyers since they can buy anything, they want in just a tap! As with this rapid growth, ecommerce executives are looking for new, advanced technologies and strategies to implement in their ecommerce stores in order to expand the scope of their existing market and to bring convenience to the customers.

Here are 5 tools every e-commerce store owner should consider


Though chatbots have been around since 1966 but now they have more developed and much better in terms of processing speeds and response to contextual awareness.
Chatbots have already entered many operations in ecommerce. This year might witness many chatbot integration into messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger which makes the whole experience hassle-free. AI is now working to create chatbots or RPA activated smart searches that can complete any task more quickly rather than presenting data on all stages. A chatbot can also act as a personal assistant which can centralize information. With the automation of back-end processes, retailers are freeing the staff which is related to customer dealing. Chatbots are already integrated into ecommerce business and functionalities are expected to expand in the coming years.

Personalized Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become a basic medium for any ecommerce store. Apps bring convenience, and can provide you with the details of everything you can get in the store. Additionally, personalized mobile apps are designed to showcase how a product or a thing might look and give result along with the product’s information. For example, a cosmetic store can offer an application which can integrate with your mobile’s camera and demonstrate the look of the makeup product on your face, you are willing to purchase. Also, it will give your business a presence on the smart phone.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality assimilates real objects and projected images. It allows customers to use their own faces, bodies and real-life objects and try out the products virtually. This helps facilitate and help them decide what looks better on their sofas, shelf or even on their own selves so that they can be completely sure about making an online purchase. Hence, they will shop wisely and accordingly. The same thing will go with other purchases online. You can have a virtual experience so that you can be completely sure of buying a thing and not having to return it. Augmented reality has brought a huge shift in the retail sector in recent times.

Voice Assistant Technology

Voice assistants are the voice activated efficient technology. They are on the rise. As the time is moving and new technologies are coming forward every day, people are becoming lazy, so much so that they don’t even want to type now but give a voice command instead. And as soon as people are becoming familiar with this technology, the feedback received is very positive. These voice assistants are capable of performing various commanded tasks such as searches and help making purchases. etc. They can also do multi-tasking at a time. So, voice assistant technology is definitely a core of the ecommerce in future. The prime examples are Siri and Amazon’s Echo Alexa.

Cloud Solutions

All the companies are shifting to the cloud because it helps them enrich their customers’ shopping experience, make transactions easy as well as help make your brand evident. Apart from this, brands can keep their operating cost low and innovate rapidly. With the help of cloud, businesses are able to enter consumer data like their wants, behaviors, needs, expectations and concerns. Moreover, ecommerce companies are using modern analytic tools which are built on their respective cloud e-commerce platforms. Out of these, some data mapping tools allow businesses to assimilate technologies and access consumer and product data between the applications. With the help of the cloud integration, businesses are able to examine and estimate consumer behavior on various mobile and non-mobile channels.

Mobile Checkouts

Checkouts have been the most annoying part of the online shopping procedure for the customers. So, some really cool innovations have started taking place since 2017. For instance, Shopify’s speedy checkout options in which you can check out from any participating Shopify store simply by logging in. The innovations made in this area till now are just the tip of the iceberg. Some drastic innovations are still awaited in the years to come. In this techno-running era, old payment methods would be soon overlooked with the innovations that are going to take place in this area.

The Future

Businesses need to step up and look for the new ways to apply their whole potential into their e-businesses.  All these tools are the future of ecommerce businesses. And in order to be a part of the race, one needs to embed these tools and opt for new technologies.

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