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How AI is Effectively Revamping the Digital Marketing Landscape

Rakia Binte Khalid Jan 08, 2019
AI is Effectively Revamping the Digital Marketing

We are living in the digital age where the technology is touching the skies. We all are surrounded by technologies. And if we talk about Artificial Intelligence, it has a huge impact on most of the portions of our life in the form of chat-bots, smart devices and of course self-driving cars!

AI is a buzzword for quite a while now and is used in multiple fields, and Digital Marketing is no exception. Earlier, Using AI was considered a luxury and hence not everyone was integrating the technology. But now, we are witnessing an eminent shift in how marketers are approaching it to supercharge their marketing efforts.  Since it does not only help in shaping consumer’s buying behavior but also assist them in making better purchase decisions.

Artificial Intelligence is thought to be the future of computing.

Keeping that in view, let’s take a look at the top AI trends taking place in the world of digital marketing.

AI is your new Content Writer

AI is your new Content Writer

Artificial Intelligence is making marketer’s life easier to the extent that it can produce  content itself. Hard to believe right? But a machine can actually write and can produce content from scratch with human assistance. Not only does it help save a lot of time but also the money spent on the resources. Platforms like Articoolo and Quill are already providing this facility and making it easier to create content on the fly using AI.

By using templates and fill-in-the-blanks to enter data and keywords, a well-drafted content is obtained giving the effect that a human wrote it. In fact, you might already have read the content which AI generated since BBC, New York Times and Forbes are already making use of this technology.

Email Marketing with AI makeover

Email Marketing with AI makeover

AI isn’t limited to content creation but the technology has reached the level that it can also assist marketers in grading their email marketing efforts. AI can help marketers in optimizing their campaigns which results in leveraging revenue potential. Where A/B testing takes time and contains a margin of error, AI generates a fully optimized experience for each customer based on preferences and user behaviors.

Tools like Boomtrain, Phrasee, and Persado make use of AI for the purpose of personalized email marketing. It optimizes every piece of email marketing process from the optimal time of the day to send each lead in databases.

With the innovation of email marketing solutions, week-long A/B testing is all set to say farewell.

AI Powered Content Curation

AI powered Content Curation

Along with generating content, AI can also curate it. Curation allows you to engage visitors better on certain websites by recommending them the content relevant for them. AI-powered tools like Curata, Scoop.it, Quuu are there for this purpose.

This technology makes personalized content recommendations that the user may find intriguing. Think of the last time you made a purchase on Amazon, you constantly see a recommendation like ‘you may also buy’ or remember the last time you watched Netflix and it recommended you the shows of your interest? The same method is used in blog content & personalizing site messaging more widely.

It is also quite beneficial for subscription businesses where the more people use the service, the better algorithm is obtained. Therefore, resulting in better recommendations.

Voice Enabled Search Assistants


Voice search is another rising trend due to which it has become necessary for the marketers to optimize searches for natural long-tailed queries. Google revealed in its blog that 70% of the searches are received in natural and conversational language and do not include those typical keywords.

For this purpose, Google’s Algorithm, RankBrain was created to get the most relevant results. This Machine Learning Algorithm interprets requested voice searches and with the help of AI presents the user with the best possible results.

Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri & Microsoft’s Cortana are the prime examples that are making use of this innovation. Any marketer who knows how to take benefit from voice searches will be able to boom their organic traffic considerably.

Simulated ChatBots/Assistant Bots


Chatbots are assistant bots that make automating responses to frequently asked questions by potential buyers easier by providing them with a way to find the product or service they are looking for. Let’s face it, every one of us hates to wait too long for a response from any brand or website we are on. Thence Chat-bots are there to rescue. AI integrated chat-bots have the ability to answer open questions. Through algorithms like Natural Language Processing (NLP), the most apt response to any query is provided. Other than that, they can serve 24/7 and respond to multiple queries from different customers simultaneously. A cherry on the top, they do not require a huge budget. In fact, through Facebook Bots, Wit.ai bot and QnA Maker Bots; you can train a bot and make them learn from continuous user interactions.

Another great stuff that can be done with Chat-bots is determining the intentions of the user by building the knowledge-base or putting up the variety of phrases that a user might have the best chance of asking, therefore, making the bot proactive.

Predictive Analysis shines brighter with AI


As the name suggests, it predicts the probability of future prospects which are gained through statistical algorithms, data, and machine learning techniques.

It allows marketers to extract information & predict purchase trends and user behavior patterns. With the help of these models, the probability of a specific prospect becoming a client can be predicted.

Apart from this, some other aspects can also be predicted for instance which clients will make more than one purchase or the quoted price necessary to make a conversion. Apart from leveraging sales it also saves time and resources.

Using Predictive analytics can also help in creating impactful marketing campaigns based on the buying behavior of customers.

Wrap Up

Artificial Intelligence is all set to save both time and money of the marketers. It helps facilitate better customer experience. We are all a part of this digital world where Marketing is a rapidly growing field. Hence, a marketer necessarily needs to power their marketing efforts with AI in order to be successful in his respective field.

It is only a matter of a few months that Marketing space will be considered inoperative without the implementation of Artificial Intelligence into it.