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Facebook Marketing Hacks 2020

Rakia Binte Khalid Dec 15, 2020

If you have been ignoring Facebook marketing, you need to stop doing that now because whether you like it or not, it plays an eminent role for a business. However, we all would agree to one thing and that is, Facebook marketing is only getting more competitive. This competitiveness has also surged the cost per click making the marketing even fiercer by basically decreasing the Return on Investment (ROI).

So, if you are just working as per Ad strategies and not using your brain, such a scenario puts your marketing in a difficult situation. If you want to stop losing money there, then it’s time to revisit your Ad strategy by using some of the best hacks for your next marketing campaigns.



The trendiest Facebook marketing ad hack is to use your competitors for targeting. It means using the feature of Facebook that allows you to see your competitor’s audience, their behavior, and demographics. You can choose the same demographics and behavior to target the audience effectively. This feature also lets you look through your competitors’ ads. You can find out which Ads are working for your competitor and why.


You can simply do so, by clicking on the ads insights option on any of your competitors’ pages in the page transparency field. You will see “Ads from this page” where you can see whether your competitor has an active campaign or not and what ad structure they use for their campaigns with what success rate.

Messenger Ad

Since Messenger Ad is the newest Facebook Ads feature, it has comparatively less competition, which can get you better results. Messenger Ads enables you to hold a conversation and sales interaction with your potential customers. It helps a new business in getting noticed and recognized faster.


There three main types of Facebook Messenger Ads:

  1. Destination Ads have a CTA button “Send Message” instead of “shop now”.
  2. Sponsored messages send designed messages to user’s inbox to boost strategic engagements
  3. Home action Adscreate direct conversations with customers in the home of the app.


Video Ads

If you ask Facebook users whether they like to read an Ad or watch it, most people would say that they prefer watching. This is why Facebook Video Ads have better results. Although video Ad takes time, efforts and are also costly to create but it creates high engagement. People find video Ads are more informative, interesting, and unique.


You can use multiple variants offered by Facebook to build these video ads. With the help of browse a video through the library or create a slideshow with images, you can also benefit your business through this hack.

However, there are certain pointers that you should take care of, and that is:

  1. Use the correct size and ratio of the video ( I.e. square 1:1 or vertical 4:5, 2:3, 9:16)
  2. Use minimum text (no more than 20% text) because if your audience still has to read then what’s the use of video Ads.
  3. Keep the Ad short(15 seconds or less), but interesting and impactful.


Never Duplicate Your Ads

Facebook marketing services give you the option to duplicate an ad or use an ad’s ID, however, it will negatively affect the engagements of the previous Ad. Hence, your social proof and impressions will be lost. People like to follow these social proofs therefore Facebook marketing company uses the preferred post’s ID. Or create your new Id but never duplicate your Ads.


In addition to these useful hacks Digital marketing company in the USA can guide with other useful ways of digital marketing services that will boost your business.


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