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Why is Vue.js a popular framework?

Arpatech Aug 24, 2021

The JavaScript ecosystem is awash with options, with several reliable web development frameworks and libraries to choose from. One of these frameworks is Vue.js, which is gaining considerable traction these days.

There are tools such as frameworks that are available for developers’ ease, paving the way for a strong development process. Simply put, the language is a building block and the framework is the architecture. It helps developers’ lives easier and allows them to build the structure and maintain it well.

You must be familiar with the JavaScript framework and market trends. The main in the list of JS framework is React and Angular. Additionally, Vue.js is one of the core JS frameworks that have shown substantial progress of 229% in the span of a few years.

If you are interested in learning about Vue.js, this blog is the perfect place for you to be. So, let’s get started.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js was developed in 2014 by Evan You with the help of different ideas from other frameworks.

Vue.js is one of the popular frameworks for JavaScript that is designed to create web interfaces and one-page applications. Vue.js is used for both desktop and mobile app developments by making the use of the Electron framework.

Vue.js is the preferred front-end tool as it has a JS base and the HTML extension to make it superior to others. It is used for constructing frameworks and to build user interfaces. Vue.js was built with the idea of making it completely adaptable, unlike the rest of the monolithic frameworks available.

Its main library highlights the view layer only and it presents an easy pathway to be incorporated with the rest of the libraries or pre-existing tasks. Vue smoothly runs a Single-Page application that is combined with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

This framework has a unique name to it, Vue, which sounds like the English word “view”. It has been named this way as the view depicts the UI of an application and the library of Vue.js has its major emphasis on the view layer by default.

Why is Vue.js important?

There are many factors behind the much-acclaimed popularity of Vue.js. However, the basic reason is that Vue.js offers a simple and smooth development process. Not only that, the learning curve increases twofold with the help of the framework.

Vue.js is considered easy and flexible with high efficiency. It has a wide variety of genius tools along with the Vuex (a state management pattern) and routing possibilities (Vue Router).

The framework gives an amazing speed to the development with the help of easy and plugins that are ready to use. This enables it to be a problem solver and stay cost-efficient for product development.

Let’s take a detailed look as to what are the highlighting factors of Vue.js?

What makes Vue.js a go-to framework?

1.     The ecosystem

The ecosystem of Vue.js is formulated quite clearly. This presents as a huge benefit to the developers who use this framework allowing them to pick a solution for every problem diligently. Now, developers do not have to waste their time in choosing the right and effective framework as Vue.js is readily available.

Although the main focus of Vue.js is the view layer, however, by using Vuex, Vue CLI, Vue Router, and Vue Test Utils, it offers a great deal of solutions to basic development concerns. It not only provides higher speed to the developers but also joins projects together.

The ecosystem of Vue.js is also adaptable that enables it to be an excellent choice for all your development tasks.

2.    Easy framework

Developers prefer Vue.js because it is the easiest one to learn and practice. Developers tend to start learning from this framework and once they get a good hang of it, they master it like a pro.

All one needs to do is get some JavaScript lines to start with a bit of HTML. Vue.js polishes developers’ skills by enhancing the potential of every learner and transforming them into one amazing development team.

3.    For AngularJS and ReactJS

Vue.js was built with the idea of overcoming the weak points of AngularJS but when combined, it was discovered that it is the best and the desired attribute for the two: AngularJS and ReactJS.

With the help of Angular, Vue.js helped enhanced the syntax in the ongoing projects, and React gave Vue the finest approach, a speedy and efficient performance, component-based method, and the most important part is the understanding of the crucial aspects of the management of apps and web development.

4.    Time-efficient

Vue.js saves the time of developers. With the help of Vue CLI, a system that is built to support the Vue Cire Team which assists in time reduction of the procedure.

Vue CLI’s third version is a different world. It assists the project by providing solutions to the set of question regarding the project that helps the app development to be right on schedule.

Bottom Line

Developers have always given positive feedback about Vue.js. They say that it is a fun and brilliant framework that strengthens the development. The learning curve of this framework has enabled developers to be the best in their game.

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