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Mage Titans Austin, TX USA 2016

Wajid Hussain Sep 08, 2016
Mage titans

Each year the event is organized by Mage Titans to expand the community with Magento developers. It is an annually held event which commenced back in 2014. The first time around it was held in the UK. This year it is back and being held in Austin.TX USA from 8th – 9th of September 2016 and an additional workshop will be held at ShipStation on the 10th of September. We have been anticipating an overwhelming participation of Magenticians from the developer community. It is going to be a mega spotlight affair in the Magento world. The event partners are ShipperHQ and Space48.

Road Map

Following the pattern of the previous conferences, this year it is going to kick off in the same manner with the listed expert speakers giving valuable development insights of Magento. This a huge opportunity to meet some of the great Magento community members. It serves as a platform for developing connections and strengthen your existing ties.


Sponsoring Companies

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Each year roughly more than 130 + participants gather from different countries around the globe to attend this mega event. It is the ultimate platform for Magento Developers to get motivations and insights regarding the newest updates and trends of Magento. It gives the attendees an opportunity to personally meet and talk to Expert Magento Developers and get a chance to exchange their experiences regarding the developments of Magento. While this event also serves as a meet up for old colleagues, who get to exchange their feedback on the strategies and past conversations.

Wajid Hussain

Wajid Hussain

Community Manager at Arpatech
Wajid Hussain has a vast experience in Magento and PHP fields. He is currently a Community Manager at Arpatech. He keeps himself engaged with latest e-commerce and Magento trends and also happens to be an avid football fan. You can follow him on Twitter at @wajidstack or contact him through e-mail wajid.hussain[at]arpatech.com
Wajid Hussain