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How to Build a Budget Friendly Android App for Your Restaurant Business

Rakia Binte Khalid Jul 22, 2019

Food delivery apps are a new rage. They function as a platform for collaboration between restaurants and customers. More and more food-based startups are in need of food delivery apps today.

Not only for the purpose of creating an app for your own sake, the mobile app sector is currently a massive revenue-giving area and food start-ups are all increasing daily with each of them requiring at least one app for a single platform with most of them targeting various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and more.

Here, we will provide you a complete guide on food delivery app development with all the details of food delivery apps.

What to consider while building android food delivery app

There are so many things you need to do before you begin developing food delivery apps. You should keep track of a lot of stuff from the instruction set to the procedure. The development of the food ordering android app includes a lot of measures that must be performed perfectly. The method can be tough and tricky if you start from scratch. But developing an app from scratch will actually help you create the app you want for the restaurant. With the interface you want, you can develop a fully personalized app.

The good news here is that you don’t have to fight a lot when you’re creating an app. The app’s basics and fundamentals are similar, and you just need to take some basic stuff into account when building the app.

Below are the steps that will guide you on how to build a food ordering mobile app for your restaurant:
  • It’s always safe to start small. It’s always a fool play to just jump into the app-building without any prior knowledge. Begin with offering your services to the location where your restaurant is. Check how people respond to the food delivery app and ask them for feedback to improve. Deploy a marketing campaign to get your food delivery app into the customers.
  • If you want to shine bright it is advised to hire the best app development company with tremendous experience in app development and cater completely to your needs.  A successful app development company plays a significant role in creating a mobile restaurant ordering app. Discuss your requirements and suggestions with the restaurant app builder.
  • Make a suitable budget for the development of your food delivery app and marketing campaign. Marketing products and services are essential for any business so that maximum customers get to know about your services.
  • Promotions are vital even before you release a mobile app’s beta version. Start interacting with your potential customers across different social media platforms and make sure that every customer who visits your restaurant app android knows about your food delivery app.
  •  Start taking customer feedback. It plays a big role in the success of your app. Take feedback constructively and make sure you improve your app and services depending on those reviews.
  • Hire a team of competent delivery boys/girls that add value to your business. The delivery team plays a vital role in food delivery applications.

Pick the Right App Development Pricing Model

You must be confused about choosing a fixed price or hourly rate to pay developers. You can employ the finest mobile app development company that can make your dream come true.

Certainly, pricing is the primary thing to decide before continuing with stuff as far as food delivery applications are concerned. Any restaurant android app development cost will greatly depend on the specifications it has. Also, development partner will also impact your mobile application development costs.

These are the variables that influence pricing while creating a mobile app. Here are the significant factors that influence the price of developing mobile apps. You have to keep these points in mind while building a mobile application.

Device and the Operating System

Developing an app for a particular operating system will lower the cost. The app-building system Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will greatly impact pricing. You have to develop an app that operates perfectly across different operating systems and consumes a fortune.

Native or Web app

This is one of the main constraints. The native app is OS-centric and costs a little bit more but offers incredible customer experience. While the web app is accessible at a cheaper price, the user experience is not as pleasant as the native app. You can first opt for a web app and then switch to the native one if you’re on a tight budget.

User Authorization

There are some applications that require user authentication or authorization. Such applications will cost a little more than the usual amount. It relies entirely on your requirement to go with such apps or not.

App Distribution

Official distribution channels like the Google Play store will charge $100 as the price of licensing developers. You have to be prepared to pay that amount because it’s something you can’t avoid. Before deploying it, the hosting company will check whether the applications fulfill all the demands or not.

Add-ons like integration with social media applications, buying in-app will cost you a little more.

Define Your Target Audience


Although, nowadays apps are used by majority 9of the people since everyone loves doing everything while staying in their comfort zones but usually, apps usage is seen among individuals having a busy lifestyle. Whether they are professionals, students, working-class. So keep them as your primary target.

It is always smart to do your research first. So, before you set out to make your product, study your competitors, check on their weaknesses. Also, observe what makes their apps a success. But remember, food delivery applications are not about being copycats, but rather about innovating. Do research beforehand so that you don’t have to make any modifications later on. See their features, the services they provide, and what makes them different from others when it comes to designing food apps. For example, if you are looking for a sample business plan for tiffin services, you need to understand the magnitude of the online food ordering system project.

Features of a Good Food Delivery App

People who order from delivery apps look to be in their comfort zone, so your app requires to be easy to navigate and easy to customize according to user needs. A sleek design and an introductory tour that can help people find their way the first time around for your food apps helps.

We have listed some of the primary features for your food app development experts that you should remember to include other than those you already have in your mind.

Order Placement with Custom Search Tool

This method should be fast and straightforward. Moreover, the app should provide an opportunity to specify any meal’s content. People may have distinct food preferences and intolerances, so offer them the possibility to customize a meal. A list of search categories and customization options will make the ordering process much more convenient.


A helpful function for both the customer and the delivery staff. It enables clients to find neighboring restaurants and at the same time makes the logistics system clearer for carriers.

Tracking Option

Every customer likes to monitor the delivery process, so you need to provide this choice. Moreover, such data is also helpful for restaurants as it helps them evaluate the preparation process.

Payment Choices

Keep in mind that people want to have preferences for payment systems as well, so your app has to provide several alternatives (internet payment options or cash on delivery, etc.).


Customers must be able to write a review on a restaurant or meal. It encourages you to discover weak points in your services.


Another important feature of any successful app. Inform your customers about their order status, inform them about discounts, and remind them to order a meal if they’re busy.

Social Media Integration

People like to share their experiences with others, so offer them the ability to do so. In return, you will gain more popularity and increase your audience.

Offer Rewards

Incentives such as loyalty schemes, discounts and coupons will bring more customers to your business.

Cross-Interface Options

This is important for restaurant executives and couriers both. The app should provide a feature to manage orders, update information and interact with other stakeholders.

Order History

Any person should be able to check prior orders. Here the reorder choice can be very useful. At the same time, restaurants must have access to order history as it is important information for analytics.

We’ve described some of the most important features for a food delivery app. Your food delivery app may also have some other features or functionalities which will make it exclusive.

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