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5 Hacks to Enhance an iOS App

Moiz Khan Mar 11, 2022

Have you noticed every time Apple launches an iPhone? The world can’t stop buying it no matter what the price is. This is the impact of the first-class mobile platform across the globe.

Apple has a reputation for creating high-tech, modern, and quality devices all over the world. This is one of the reasons start-ups and businesses are more inclined towards creating their presence in Apple’s App Store. For them, it is a great way to make money with iOS development owing to its extensive demand. Due to this reason, there is a major rise in the demand for iOS application development services.

So, here we have a list of hacks that can be helpful for your iOS app

1. Apple ID

If you are an iOS user, you must know the importance of Apple ID and how the tech giant has given maximum protection to every Apple ID that can’t be cracked. Once your application is completed and is now ready to be uploaded on the App Store, you require an Apple ID. Make sure you have the code to sign in before you initiate the uploading process. Having an ID is proof that you are a legit iOS developer.

2. Content

Application with a mismatched content layout just doesn’t fit right to the screen and doesn’t catch users’ attention. The layout includes font size, color, placement, and more. Other basic content mistakes that need attention are readability, user-friendliness, and understanding.

  1. Readability signifies that the content and its font size have to be clear for the readers to understand.
  2. The layout of the content is user-friendly when the designs are properly managed and appear good to the eyes.
  3. The understanding of the content is reflected when it has a seamless and smooth flow.

3. Project Directory

The project directory structure cannot be missed out on especially if you are working on iOS mobile apps of big enterprises. Even if you have a small project onboard, you must have a strong project directory structure. If it is out of place, you are most likely to see your codes becoming chaotic and losing the balance. So, keep things sorted and work on your project directory structure.

4. UI Elements with 3D Touch

UI of an application plays a vital role. The user must find it easy to use, browse, tap on a particular element of the app. Even a simple function such as a Drag and Drop menu must be smooth. In this regard, UI elements with 3D touch are the best option. They work differently for mobile apps and desktops, while 3D touch makes your iOS application more engaging and intuitive for your users.

5. Error Handling

Error handling is process of recovering from error conditions. Sometimes users enter an unforeseen input for which the logic is not designed in the backend. These are the instances of logic errors that should be taken care of beforehand in order to prevent the app crash. This can be done if iOS apps use error protocol to derive a custom message to the user on entering a different input.

The Bottom Line

Rightly done, iOS app development is the best domain to work in and can give you maximum profit. It is important to understand that iOS app development is not about creating a perfect version. It is a continuous process of comprehending the demand, maximizing the use of technology, and putting forth great team effort that can result in a flawless release.




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