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Top Ranking Military Apps

Arpatech Oct 18, 2021

Modern technology has brought a great deal of comfort to our lives. And mobile phone technology has emerged as a windfall for all and sundry in this day and age. When it comes to cellular technology, the significance of apps cannot be ruled out.

In today’s world, apps are ubiquitous and have become an inseparable part of our lives. Even for the military people and their families, some apps have turned out to be extremely useful; they are replete with all kinds of information about the latest weaponry, soldiers, and cutting-edge equipment — all just a tap away.

Therefore, we have a list of top-ranking defence tech apps that are essential for the people on the battlefield. Let’s take a look.


MilGPS is developed by an Australian software developer, Karl Urdevics for SAR personnel, soldiers, and professional navigators all across the globe. The app makes the use of United States National Grid (USNG) and Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) to plot locations on the map.

The prominent features of this military app include the display of real-time locations with and without cellular signals. The app also helps military men to create and navigate waypoints of their choice. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and needs iOS 8.0 version or above.


iSurvive serves as the tech-based survival manual for military men as it has a set of necessary information such as signaling, communication, evasion, medical aid, procurement of food and water, navigation, and personal protection. The app contains educational content that is displayed as the survival manual for the users.

iSurvive was created by a software developer in Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) and it is supported by iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone and it requires 2.2 or later versions of iOS.

Tactical NAV

Ace software developers created Tactical NAV as a military-grade GPS navigation platform for military men, first responders, law enforcement officials, and search-and-rescue (SAR) teams. It uses MRGS to map locations with high military accuracy and graphics.

The idea for the development of this app was presented by a US Army soldier when he was deployed in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. Tactical NAV enables the user to make safe transfers, locations, and waypoints via email, Facebook, and text messages. The app is available in iTunes App, Store, and Google Play.

Military Pay

To make transactions easier and monthly budgeting smoother, Military Pay allows military men to keep a check on their base pay and the amount of money that mostly comes into their bank account. What they need to do is enter their information in the app and they are good to go. The app can also be updated when necessary. The app also helps military men to keep track of their extra bonuses such as hazard pay and flight pay.

Avenza Maps Pro

Avenza Maps Pro is one of the recommended apps for military and Intelligence communities all over the world. It is a mobile mapping app used for offline mapping and navigation. The app can be downloaded by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) personnel.

Developed by Avenza Systems, a software development company, this app has high-quality tools which allow the user to download maps on offline mode for offline applications. It uses the GPS of the host’s device to provide location in remote areas and without having an internet connection.

The Bottom Line

Military technology is an extensive field that has wealth of information on defence tech, and military-grade apps play a central role in its digitalization. These applications serve as the best battlefield tools that are of great significance in a military environment.


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