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5 Ways to Speed Up Your E commerce Website

Arpatech Feb 26, 2020

Website speed is among the key elements of any ecommerce store. If your online store is slow, people bounce even before the page loads.

As with recent updates from Google, website speed has become a significant factor for ranking. We have listed five ways that can help speed up your ecommerce site.


Run a Speed Test

There’s no single strategy that’s guaranteed to work when it comes to making your website faster and more efficient. The best way to learn is by running a speed test on the website to find the real problem areas.

Compress Your Product Images

Having high-resolution images of your products on your website has become both important and prevalent. Always compress your images before sending them to upload on your website. Every bit of size of the file you remove helps improve load times.

Perform SEO Audit

Technical SEO covers several factors that directly affect site speed. Running an SEO audit on your site’s technical aspects is a brilliant way of identifying potential issues.

Make Mobile Content Simpler

If an online store is loaded with dense, massive-page features such as carousel sliders, heavy images and more, mobile often takes longer to load. Simplify to the maximum. Use:

  • Fewer images and more HTML tables
  • More sidebars and headers
  • Embedded content

Make Use of Browser Caching

It takes a lot of time for a new website to load for the first time. Web caching helps prepare for the next visit by allowing the browser to store certain elements of the page. This means visitors won’t have to wait long to load the entire page next time.

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