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Questions to ask from the PHP Development Company

Aiesha Hasan Apr 03, 2017

In this digital world, no business can survive without websites or applications. Every business owner is well aware of the importance of moving their businesses to the online world. With the rapid increase in the online businesses, many programming languages and platforms are emerging to help to build a website or applications. Among them all, PHP is the widely-used platforms because of its great benefits and advantages.

PHP is open source, free, flexible, easy to integrate, scalable, object-oriented, simple and easy to learn. PHP operates more quickly than any other languages. PHP has a variety of frameworks to work on with great features.

Developing your PHP website or building PHP applications on your own can be a risky task to attempt. Instead, it would be wise to let professionals develop your PHP websites or apps.

With the increasing demand for PHP development services, more PHP web development companies are emerging. However, before hiring development firm to create your PHP web or app you first must do some research to choose the best web development and design firm.

After all, the success of your business resides on your virtual appearance. So, it is necessary to select your PHP development company carefully. I will tell you here some questions to ask before hiring any professional PHP Development Company if they are good enough for your company or not. Let’s take a look on some of the most important questions.

  1. Ask about their experience. How old their company is? What projects have they done? Their staff capacity and which industry they cater?
  1. Ask about their expertise. Their PHP developers’ skills, experience, and qualification?
  1. What tools and technology they use and will they upgrade the PHP software according to the latest version?
  1. Which framework they use and what will be their delivery models?
  1. What is their communication mode? Will their developer or project manager be available for any assistance?
  1. Ask for them to show their brief portfolio and previous work was done?
  1. Provide them with the details for the targeted audience like age group, region, qualification, interests, industry etc.
  1. Tell them the nature of your business and what is your plan to achieve through your web development project.
  1. Who are your industry competitors and how will they help you stand out among them?
  1. Do you have any theme, style, functionalities in your mind or want the web development company to come up with some outstanding ideas?
  1. Are you revamping your existing site? If yes then how will they re-create it? Or do you want to develop it from scratch?
  1. Where your website will be hosted and will you have the full access to the c-panel and FTP logins?
  1. Will they outsource any other developer for your PHP website?
  1. How much is your budget and what are their packages?
  1. Do they have the right server with enough space, bandwidth, databases etc. capable enough to provide the necessary infrastructure to the website you intend to build?
  1. Will you provide them the content for your PHP site or would like to get their content services?
  1. What will be the expected timeline for your PHP web project?
  1. Do you need a fluid-width website or fixed-width website front end development?
  1. Which CMS you need and which e-commerce shopping cart and with what kind of payment mode?
  1. Is blogging necessarily for my website?
  1. Will they make responsive PHP website which is optimized for mobile devices?
  1. Do they give on-going SEO services? Do you want to use any of your keywords to high rank your website in search engines?

There’s more

Apart from all these necessary questions, there are some other important details to ask like payment, post-development support, and security. These questions will surely help you in the filtering process for selecting any offshore PHP Development Company.


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Aiesha Hasan

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