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Online Gaming Trends to Follow in 2020 and Beyond

Arpatech Jan 20, 2020


  • 5G Will Continue to Drive Cloud Gaming Innovations

2019 was the year marking the launch of the transition to global 5G adoption. The latest developments in the gaming world will continue to be driven by 5G.

  • Realistic Virtual Reality Game Play

As per Statista, by the end of 2020 the total revenue from virtual reality video games is expected to grow by $22.9 billion. Virtual reality headsets have enabled the development of games facilitating players with a realistic experience.

  • Location Based Gaming Via Augmented Reality

After the popularity of Pokemon Go, game developers will strive to incorporate AR features into their video games. In particular, the development of mobile games will be greatly impacted by AR.

  • Mobile Gaming Continues to Grow in Popularity

Game development will expand from basic gaming applications to high-tech console-level gaming. Handheld consoles make a splash in the form of secondary devices along with smartphones and tablets.

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience

More focus will be put on improving the gamer’s overall experience. A ‘Feeling First’ engineering strategy would be implemented. Photo realistic graphics will be in the spotlight.

  • A Re-Focus On 3D

Recently, the gaming industry is experiencing 3D renaissance. The 3D console market is likely to grow by 15.15 per cent at CAGR between 2019-2024, according to Mordor Intelligence.

  • Artificial Intelligence Taking Up

Game developers have been working in the field of AI, with the latest technology and advanced game engines. Thus, adoption of AI in the development of games is likely to increase.

  • Cross-Platform Gaming

Game developers are trying not to limit such games to sole platforms alone. And it doesn’t have to be for consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Android either. Instead, it can be played across all devices, as per the gamer’s feasibility.

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