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What is EC2? And How Is It Beneficial?

Moiz Khan Jun 09, 2020

EC2 stands for “Elastic Compute Cloud,” which is an exceedingly popular service at the very primary part of the AWS platform. This service allows you to effortlessly rent components of computer power, storage, and network connectivity units functioning within AWS’s gigantic set-up.

When you decide to deliver your customers, users, or readers with a web-based interface—anything from a communal wiki to a fully advanced, multi-level mobile business program. You can use those resources to build a virtual machine that will function and look like the real thing to the outside world.

What is EC2 in AWS?

Amazon EC2 is one of the utmost used and most straightforward services in Amazon, so according to logic, starting with EC2 is the best decision if you are new to AWS. However, the main question is: what is EC2 in AWS?

It is an engine with an operating system, and it can fit any hardware components of your choice. But the difference is it’s entirely virtualized. Several virtual computers can be run in solo physical hardware.

EC2 is one of the essential mechanisms of the AWS environment. EC2 allows on-demand and accessible computing using the AWS cloud.

How Does Amazon EC2 Work?

Using Amazon EC2 work is quite simple. You can use the pre-configured AMI (Amazon Machine Images) template. On the other hand, you can construct AMI, making sure it contains all the important files, libraries, configuration settings, and applications that you require.

Network access and security can be arranged through Amazon EC2 for customization of settings. Then you can determine the AMI instances and choose if you want to run it on multiple sites. You can also use static IP endpoints with the use of minimal AWS Console.

After everything is done, boot, terminate and track all the instances you need. Any management tool and web service can be used to do this after paying for the resources.

The elasticity of the services you use is reflected using the Pay-for-What-You-Use bill mode. The VM environment can be used to check the resources you use.

It differs from conventional on-site hosting, usually presenting you with a restricted number of resources for a defined time. This shows that you frequently can’t answer hastily to an alteration in usage as you do in a secure, elastic, and stable environment of Amazon EC2.

Key Features and Benefits of EC2

Easy to Use

The architecture of AWS is so easy to pick up that a beginner can easily understand it. A newbie or an experienced person would have no problem using it. The AWS Management Console and the organized web services are the reason why it is so easy to use.

Instance Type as per Requirements

It is explicitly enhanced to fit several cases, such as providing a broad array of instance types. In general, multiple variations of networking capacity, storage, memory, and CPU provided by different instances, will facilitate different choices for your applications to have a perfect mix of resources.

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

A template that contains the software configuration needed to launch your application server, applications, and operating system is known as AMI. AWS Marketplace supplies a variety of options to choose from, including AMI.

Networking Configuration

For the EC2 to be secure, you need to make the following: Public & Private Subnet, Internet Gateway, VPC, Route Table, NAT Gateways, and Auto-assign Public IP.

Termination Protection

Unexpected Termination won’t happen using the EC2 as it enables protection against it. You can use the API or command line to terminate your instance through the Amazon EC2 Console.

User Init Data

To transfer configuration files, cloud-init supply a system with a set of rules for execution of boot time, which is an early service for the initialization of operating on cloud distributions.


If you needed a cost-effective, multipurpose, and easy to use data storage, Amazon EC2 has got you covered. It has unique stability and combination. The storage options can be matched individually as well as combined.

Security and Reliability

If you want your infrastructure to be secure, AWS has an end-to-end solution for it. It delivers top-quality security and stores your data in data centers of AWS so that your privacy can be preserved. It just shows how effective and functional the AWS cloud is. Users rely on AWS because of their highest security standards.

Store the .pem File Securely

The .pem file created can be securely downloaded to the server.

CloudWatch Detailed Monitoring

You can monitor AWS resources and real-time applications running on the AWS using the Amazon CloudWatch. You can collect and track variables that will help you keep track of your applications and resources. For your ease, the notifications and alarms can modify your resources automatically however you would have to state the rules for it to work.

Adding Tags

Customers can assign metadata to form AWS resources using Amazon Web Services. Each tag contains customer-distinct keys and to make things easier it has voluntary values for filtering, managing, and searching for resources.

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