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How Content Marketing Helps Generate B2B Leads

Arpatech Feb 25, 2020

No one is free from the influx of content marketing in our digital-obsessed world — even in the B2B realm. Which is why it is, as a B2B company, one of the simplest ways to generate leads. Although website traffic is a popular performance metric for B2B marketers, their content efforts are primarily responsible for reporting on marketing-qualified leads and marketing-assisted sales.

B2B customers are smarter than ever before and are more resourceful. They have everything they need to make an informed decision at their fingertips. But how exactly do you use marketing content to generate leads? It’s not as easy as writing a few short blog posts and waiting to get the phone calls in.

Content marketing is not just a play on brand awareness. It has the power to grow businesses. This blog explains how to make your content a lead-generating tool and see more successful results.

Work on Email Campaign

Your emails must speak their recipient’s language, whether that means stuffing your content with academic prose or writing in an informal style featuring slang, emojis, and GIFs. Your email’s central content needn’t change; it’s the delivery mechanism— based on the preferences of the readers— that makes all the difference.

If you are creating heavier pieces of content, such as e-books, case studies and whitepapers, so your automatic emails are a great way to promote more engagement with your content. Through tracking the interaction between your audience and those emails, you have an efficient way of both sharing material and qualifying leads.

You always include CTAs in your emails, of course. Nonetheless, we’re talking about taking it a step further and placing a CTA button right under your signature at the end of your regular work emails. It can link up to your new content piece or to your main landing page.

Quora Engagement

This platform for questions and answers is gaining rapid popularity Quora has in fact more than 100 million active users today.

You can search for questions relevant to your specific niche or interest via the full-text search feature. You can get heard by your target audiences who use the website by regularly providing helpful and informative insights. This strategy is great for building awareness about the brand.

If you have created content that specifically addresses a Quora query, then you can include a link to it in your response If the content is sufficiently relevant, and the issue gets a considerable amount of traffic, you can expect to see a few new visitors seep in.

Produce Interactive Content

Visual content these days is a huge trend and what better means of keeping up with the fad than doing something even more innovative? Interactive infographics are seldom, mainly because they’re difficult to create and expensive.

Rejoicing prospects and customers is a key component for any marketing strategy’s success Your brand stands out with an exciting and engaging digital infographic. So, when brand recall is high, brand awareness goes through the roof. Henceforth, you are able to generate leads.

You can also create gated videos. These videos can retain users’ which has become increasingly harder. Not everyone has enough attention spans to read through long articles. Short videos are considerably easier for users to consume. Create an entertaining video that can help deal with the problems and challenges of your target audience. This technique will build an impression and thus results in generating leads.

Offer Free Webinars

Webinars are a low-cost opportunity to showcase your experience and know-how and educate your prospects. Choose a topic of discussion that your prospective customers are actually interested in — it could include developments in news, your industry in general, your business and more. If you have problems coming up with a proper topic for your webinar, consider the common questions you hear during the webinar and answer one of them in-depth.

Landing Pages Content

Your entire website is one giant piece of content when you think about it, serving to engage and inform your audience through images video and text.

Although it may seem a bit unnecessary, there are a few ways in which a landing page can serve as a tool for lead generation. The most effective way is to build a landing page that will host forms of your gated content.  Make your gated content landing pages readable and easy to navigate, and make it easy to find calls to action.

A pricing page or a “Contact Us” page is another way to use the landing pages as a lead generation tool. Such pages also need to be very well designed, easy to use and understand, with clear and concise CTAs included.

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