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Podcast mobile app usage surges to 60% since January 2018

Arpatech Aug 16, 2019

As per the study done by Adobe Analytics, usage of podcast mobile app has increased 60% since January 2018.

The study says that the usage of the app is likely to grow even further as 45% of listeners plan to tune into more podcasts in the future.

The study, which consisted of 193 million monthly exclusive visitors to U.S. mobile apps, discovered that 41% of podcast finding happens through online sources such as blogs and articles.

According to the report, almost 72% of respondents notice podcast quality to be on the increase, with just 6% think that quality is declining. Nearly 52% of respondents said they listen to podcasts while working or traveling.

According to the study, education, history, and documentary were found to be the four most popular genres, while video games were among the least popular.

The majority—60%—of listeners said that only after hearing it on a podcast did they look up a service or product, with 25% reporting that they ended up making the purchase. Nevertheless, 58% of respondents said they avoided podcast ads.

The podcast sector’s impetus raises the feasibility of podcast advertising to reach a mounting audience. And, since more data is on hand from diverse platforms like Spotify, advertisers have more targeting skills to help them get closer to the listeners that are almost certain to be interested in their products or services.


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