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Little-Known Facts about AI in Online Lending and Their Significance

Rakia Binte Khalid Nov 13, 2020

If you want your business to be successful in today’s hypercompetitive era, then you must have knowledge about the latest technology. Therefore, it is to safe say that technology has become a key element for a successful business.

Technology is getting mature at an even faster pace. But in order to outdo their competitors, businesses need to adopt the latest technology. In fact, success of any business cannot be guaranteed without embracing cutting-edge technology.  Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one such technology that has taken the corporate world by storm.

Artificial Intelligence in Online Lending

The days of traditional banking are already an old story now as online banking and lending have taken the lead. Now not many people like to go to the bank personally, talk to the bankers there and try to comprehend the terms and conditions of borrowing money. People, today, prefer a few clicks while sitting on their couch with the help of online banking and lending. They can easily find out the lending scheme that suits their credit score and other needs, without putting their safety at stake, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

With breakneck popularity of online lending, the significance of Artificial Intelligence is also growing, as it’s needed for the preparation of documents and credit rating systems electronically. It helps banks and other lending institutes to proceed with the process of preparing applications for installment loans and other inquiries at a much faster speed. Not just this, the lender also gets facilitated by AI as it helps them calculate the risks. Lenders can know the creditworthiness of a client with the help of AI.

For detailed comprehension, let’s dig into the advantages and disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in online lending.

Advantages of using AI in online lending


  • Fraud Detection

AI has the ability to process complex data which makes it easy to point out any fraud in a loan application. With the help of AI, lenders can skip any malicious client based on their doubtful activity identified by the mobile app. AI also helps in the protection of a client’s personal information and data. This reduces the probability of cybercrime to take place as AI informs the client on their mobile phones about any suspicious activity based on their names or accounts.

  • Fewer Chances of Error

AI can reduce the chances of errors while doing complex calculations and filling the complicated information. Machines’ actions are usually followed by the previous data, therefore, there are fewer chances of mistakes.

  • Time-efficient:

AI skips waiting in long queues and makes the process of lending much faster. With the help of AI, the applicant’s creditworthiness can be easily determined. It also makes the processing time for loan applications much shorter as digital assistance makes inquiries simpler.

  • Customer Service

Since the loan process can be done quickly, it also helps improve customer service. Now the client can be informed quickly whether their application was accepted or rejected, saving their time. AI also provides them other options that can be helpful for them based on their needs.


Disadvantages of using AI in online lending:


  • Expensive:

Since it’s an advanced system, AI is expensive due to its installation, repair, and maintenance. Therefore, only a strong institution with significant finances can use this system.

  • Unemployment

Since most of the work can be done by the machine, there will be rising unemployment.

  • Restricted Work

AI machines can only perform a certain operation within the defined set of rules. These machines are not creative since they cannot solve problems without an algorithm. Therefore, these machines can only carry out restricted functions without changing according to the conditions

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