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4 Essential Success Criteria for New Mobile Product Development

Rakia Binte Khalid Nov 06, 2020

There are always high expectations associated with new mobile product development. Whether it is an organization or mobile users, the news of a new product launch attracts everyone’s focus towards it. While the organizations are focused on the technology of the upcoming product, mobile users expect an even better experience with the company. However, many products fail to meet these expectations and thus, flounder at launch. Every company wants its product to be a success but to achieve this milestone, there are certain criteria that they first need to follow. There are no magic spells just four basic factors that determine the new mobile product’s success.

1.      Support from Senior Management

Before developing and launching new mobile products seek support from the senior management of the organization. It is essential for the project as senior management should have detailed knowledge about the products such as budget, resources, and project targets. It’s them who will have a final call, depending on the product’s innovation, research, and testing the prototypes therefore, try to take them in confidence from the beginning. They hold quite an experience and knows about user feedback. Getting their support also ensures confident resource management throughout the product development process.


If you want to seek senior management’s support, then make sure that the idea of your product is proved. The product can be validated by getting tested by a few real users as this helps in shrinking the probability of uncertainties. The management will have a clear picture of your idea the product and its functionality.

2.      Presentation of Concept of the Product

Getting an idea approved, depends on how well it is presented. If the presentation is poor then it will probably fail to impress the management therefore, effective communication and conveyance of the concept and its details and knowledge play a major role in the success of the mobile product.


However, this risk of mismanagement of knowledge can be reduced with the help of cross-functional teams at the time of product development. This also improves inter-team communication skills resulting in apt knowledge of all the team members regarding the product. Having more teams means having more knowledge, experience, and ideas that can come in handy while trouble-shooting as you will have many shoulders to rely on.

3.      Agile development process

The agile development process holds great significance when comes to mobile product success. This process has a great impact on managing the development costs of the products. It also makes sure to meet the targets especially, return on investment (ROI). Three fields need to be efficiently handled during the development process.

  • Pre-development work or the design thinking process
  • Specific requirements definition
  • Iterative development


To meet the mobile users’ expectations, it is of utmost need to meticulously focus on the three fields of the product’s development phase. By efficiently managing these areas, the development costs of the product can also be saved while keeping up the goals and objectives of the concept.

4.      Market Orientation

Last but not least, it works best to opt for a market-oriented approach. It means that the company which is launching the product is adapting the design and concept that meet users’ need. Many companies ignore it however when it comes to introducing a new mobile product, leaving the market research for later is a huge mistake that you should not make.


The success of mobile apps and products heavily relies on market trends and researches. Therefore, instead of doing the research later, do it even before the development process. Try to make every decision related to the product based on market research, highlighting the needs and aspirations of mobile users.

Wrapping Up: 

If you want your upcoming mobile app a success story then be vigilant of these four essential criteria. Instead of just going with the flow, try to have detailed research on these factors even before the product’s launch. All of these four essentials will make a significant impact on the development process and the mobile product’s success.

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