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What Is The Main Advantage Of Using Meta Description Tag In SEO?

Moiz Khan Nov 18, 2016

Meta Description Tag or simply as we call it: Meta Description, is a little description of the page that tells both the user and the search engine about the page’s content. They don’t show up anywhere on the page, but are available in the code. Meta Title and Meta Description both appear when you search something on search engines, and the results that you see are actually Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions.

This is how Meta Descriptions appear in search results:

meta description Tag in SEO

Advantages of Using Meta Description For SEO:

Now, before executing SEO for your website, the main part is On-Page SEO. We actually have to keep two different perspectives in mind when writing Meta Descriptions:

  1. User Side
  2. Search Engine Side

Let’s first discuss the User Side:

  • User Side:

Writing smooth, catchy and attractive Meta Descriptions helps both the user and the search engines to better understand your page. It’s a fact that poorly written Meta Descriptions would yield bad results and may affect CTR (Click-Through Rate) and Search engine rankings.

So, now let’s discuss search engine side:

  • Search Engine Side:

The biggest question is, “How search engines works and how they pick Meta Descriptions?”

It all begins with what keywords or phrases would you like to appear in Search results, like, if we are a Furniture Company that makes furniture only in San Francisco, then these are the keywords or phrases that we would target in our Meta Description for our company:

Our keywords that we are going to target on a specific page:

  1. Furniture in San Francisco
  2. Furniture Supplier in San Francisco.
  3. Buy Furniture in San Francisco Online

We will make sure that these words surely appear in our Meta Description: Furniture, Supplier, Buy, Online and San Francisco.

So, this was just a basic explanation of how keywords and phrases are used in meta-descriptions to make our page relevant for both the users and search engines.  I hope that this article must have cleared the concept in your mind, and if there is something that needs to be clarified, comment in the comment sections below and we’ll make sure that you get an answer from our side.

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