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Tips to Revamp Your Facebook Business Page

Rakia Binte Khalid Nov 15, 2019

Facebook business pages help improve your business’s visibility, build an online presence, and allow more than 2 billion people to find your business and its offerings.

There are many ways to ramp up your Facebook business page. In fact, most of them take only a few minutes to give you a chance to get more attention, reach and engagement.


Trick Out Your CTA

At the top right of the page is the call-to-action (CTA) button. Make absolutely sure that it directs visitors in the right direction. Convey the action you want people to take through CTA, “Sign up” to an email or coupon, “Send Message” to reach you directly “Book Now” to make appointments, “Shop Now” to send visitors to your storefront. Pick the best CTA to make sure people are intrigued to take the action.

Tailor the Tabs

A collection of tabs will be provided once the appropriate template is selected. On the left flank side of the business page, you can find tabs and guide people to learn more about your business or maybe to pick up a deal. Also make sure the right tabs are “on” and the “off” tabs are not in use. It’s also recommended to ensure you have information available in the tabs that are on. In order of preference, tabs can then be organized. Tabs are a great way to share information in real time.

Pin Your New Updates to Your Timeline

Facebook lets you pin a picture to the top of your page. It’s the first picture users will see upon opening your Facebook page. Although it won’t make a significant difference on its own, with other tweaks on this post it can help revive your Facebook page.

You may also change it daily, so whenever you have a new blog post or product or event featured, you can pin it on the top.

Put Video on Cover

A video can be posted on a cover offering a great space for people to communicate a message instantly. Make a short video outlining your goods, services, sales, testimonials, or anything you want people to know about your brand; the cover video gives you a chance to get your message across.

Leverage Recommendations

Help more people discover your business and start building social proof by including Facebook Recommendations to your business page.

Apart from a five-star rating, there is an updated tool which allows fans and followers to post text, pictures and tags directly on your page, allowing others to see, offer better feedback and provide details about their experience with your organization.

Customize the Template

Facebook offers settings for selecting a recommended model based on your type of business. Templates include services, movies, shopping, business venues, nonprofit, law, restaurants & cafes, video site, etc.

Announce a Giveaway

Facebook contests and giveaways are great ways to show appreciation to followers. Competitions also serve well enough to re-engage fans with your page.

Get the most out of Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a popular medium for users to interact directly with your business.  In fact, Facebook has expanded the Business Page Messenger to support round-the-clock customer service and responsiveness.

Once messaging is activated on your page, brands can create pre-set greetings and automatic replies to support you in off-hours and remain available to people with relevant feedback or inquiries.