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How To Make The Most Of CTA Button

Rakia Binte Khalid Oct 25, 2019

Lead generation can often be very challenging. At times we immediately click customers and convert other times we just meet the frogs, who just visit the website and leave no traces of conversions. An effective CTA button can help you convert.

Effective website calls to action encourage users by offering descriptive tags, incentives on “tap here”, and concise guidance. You just need to know the right way to optimize your CTA button.

What Is A Call-To-Action Button?

Call-to-action (CTA) are buttons that are used in websites and on your landing pages to direct users to lead to the target conversion. This is the component of the landing page that should persuade the user to take an action. The basic goal is to get your web visitor click the button and get conversion. Based on your target conversion and website style, CTA buttons can differ in style and size. Here are some CTA examples:

  • Add to cart buttons
  • Free trial sign-up buttons
  • Download buttons

Be Very Concise

CTAs that are too long and wordy are unsuccessful. Stay on point and keep the text nice and simple. Keep CTAs to a maximum of four words. Use powerful verbs and make the most of this small word limit. Some instances of short generic CTAs that work well involve get started, learn more, join now, and buy now.

Create Urgency

A well-known and successful technique to improve sales is to create a sense of urgency and rarity. It can be done in different ways, such as use of time related words like ‘now’, ‘today’ or you can also use words like ‘limited stock’, ‘last chance’, ‘sale ends tomorrow’. You can put a timer to show when the offer is getting expired. In short, create a FOMO which persuades the users to take an action.

Personalize CTAs

People are always attracted towards a thing which is personalized according to their choices. It can help boost the conversions by 200%. Personalization doesn’t mean putting your name everywhere rather it is the use of data or analytics available and then personalizing the words present on CTAs which greatly depends locations and preferences. Whether an existing customer or a new lead as well as other related variables.

CTAs Should Be on A Button

There are several different styles in which you can design your CTAs with. Among hyperlinking, graphics and images that are hyperlinked, buttons bring the best conversion by far. That’s because the human brain is triggered to take an action when it sees a button. Try experimenting with the design and colors of your button, but your CTAs work best in the form of any kind of button in particular.

Put Fancy Button Graphics

In certain cases, click-through rates can be affected by small arrows and icons on your CTA button. While using graphics make sure the icons clearly explain the offer to visitors rather than complicating it. For instance, you can’t put a star icon for the users who want to register for a webinar.

Test Buttons

It’s imperative to test CTA buttons If you have not yet done A/B testing before. The call-to-action buttons are a great starting point as even minor changes that are quick to make may have major effects. Check position, color, design, text.

Put CTA In A Prominent Position

Always put the ‘Call to Action’ button above the fold to avoid people from missing it. Also keep the important information on the top. The additional information must remain below the fold, where it remains useful but not intrusive. Also, be sure that you implement the best practices for CTA button design.

Check Landing Pages

You CTA was impressive enough to catch the attention of the users but, as soon as the user clicks the button, they get directed to a broken page. As a result, all efforts are wasted. Therefore, once you’re done building your website and email make absolutely sure you go through all of your CTAs to verify that the links are directing the user to the right page and that all the forms function properly.

Use Contrasting Colors and White Space

You should ensure that your CTA pops out from everything else on the site to be effective. The simplest method to do that is to use contrasting shades. This will make it look faded, if your CTA is the same color as the rest of your text. Having plenty of white space around the CTA helps to stand out more Size matters as well–keep the CTA text bigger than the text around it.

CTA should be the first thing a user gets to notice on your website, so don’t clutter it with lots of pictures and other distracting items. Make ensure that the whole design contributes to make it prominent.


To Be Very Precise:

  • Keep your CTAs short and push for “quick” action.
  • Personalization has been a key to boost revenue.
  • Cross check landing pages and ensure that your CTA content and promotions are backed up by your landing pages.
  • Use catchy colors.
  • Put buttons rather than text links or images.
  • Never stop testing your CTAs.