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Ultimate Business Website Redesign Guide for Startups

Moiz Khan Aug 26, 2019

The first impression of anything leaves a strong mark on the customer’s mind and you never get a second chance to change the first. The first impression of any business is based exclusively on their website. So, redesigning your website should be in your consideration. Web designing shouldn’t be taken lightly, it takes a lot of efforts, thought, time and money ultimately. But one thing to be very clear on is that you don’t necessarily need to change every element of graphic and branding design elements. So, we are going to guide you on why and what elements need redesigning on your website. As your website is of utmost importance to create an impression of your business.

Here are some reasons why you should redesign your business website.

Your website isn’t responsive

Mobile internet usage has definitely taken over the market while desktop seems like an old tale now. So, if your site doesn’t work well on the smartphones then you are alienating hundreds of users. When people open a website, they have a lot of expectations. They want to move from one page to another in just a touch, find the information they are seeking for instantly, they look for the short videos they need information on and don’t wish to download bundles of information. They probably won’t wait to go home and open desktop to access your website. So, a responsive website has become a necessity these days.

More control on updating your website

Fresh content and updated website are the key elements in making your website successful. When you redesign your website, you have the access to use an easy to use CMS that provides to make prompt updates you need for your site. With greater power over marketing content updates means you can post marketing content and campaigns rapidly where you don’t need to wait for tech support.

Outdated Design

There is no global rule on how frequently you should go for a redesign but a good rule of thumb is that at least 2-3 years. If it has been longer than that you should go for a refresh now. According to research, you only get a few seconds to obtain the attention of the visitors. So, in order to obtain their attention, your site design should be latest having a clean layout with a modern look which caters both mobile as well as desktop interfaces.

Not SEO Friendly

This reason alone is enough to redesign your website. Search engine algorithms have changed. So, if you think your website ranking has come down, it’s a signal that your site needs an update. Various old sites were built without keeping SEO in mind. This will bring an opportunity to rebuild your marketing strategy as well as creating quality content. So, you must make sure that you are being found on search engines.

Poor User Experience

Analytics should be on the core of your web design strategy. You should know how many people are visiting your website, where they are from and how long do they stay and where they are going when they leave your page. By knowing these analytics, will help you know what your users look for, what becomes a hindrance and what you should come up with in order to gain the traffic.  You should consider user-experience and redesign your site. A site which is easy to use will keep on bringing the users back.

Performance Issues

Visitors are highly annoyed by the poor performance of your website. Poor load times, broken functionalities will drive away the visitors. In today’s era, users expect quick responses and results. Slow responding websites are most likely to lose visitors. They feel agitated in visiting the site if the site takes time and bring forward disturbances while they are trying to accomplish what they have come for. Since fixing has always been a complicated process so instead you should build something new. And go with the redesigning of your website.

Change in Brand’s Message

Make sure that your website reflects the current status of your business. Your website is your most important business asset. Businesses often change their goals with time and in case you have, you should take an overall look of your website, and if the outlook of your website doesn’t align with your brand’s message, its high time that you should go for website design services.

Use of an outdated technology

The technology you use is utmost important. If your site still uses Flash then it’s a high time you should redesign because not only iPhone and iPad but even Google cannot read it, which makes the SEO, a nightmare. Not only does it destroy SEO but also user experience. So, you should opt for a redesign to update your site with the latest technology and plugins in order to make it more efficient and creating a good experience for users.

Convert More Leads

It is not always about the appearance of your website that converts prospects into leads. Consider revisiting your CTAs, landing pages or conversions routes, in general, to see what is lacking. Check if your landing pages are simpler or complex. The language used in your CTAs is ambiguous, or people just can’t locate it if they want it. Either way, you should attempt to make the needed modifications to get customers deeper into the sales funnel.

Third-Party Tools Upgrade

Remember that third-party tools integrated on your website need to get updated. They should meet the modern standards because if they don’t users will face difficulties and eventually will turn down the website. It is also assumed in many cases that it is the reason behind less or slow conversions. Figure out if the tools are working well and responding rightly; if newer versions are available to update them immediately. And in case if you find out that the tool is outdated and ineffective, it might be safe to remove them.

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