A data platform is a cohesive technology solution that lets data placed in databases be administered, accessed, and provided to users, data applications for strategic business objectives.

The advantages of data platforms comprise their capabilities to give users a consistent view of data from numerous sources, make data available throughout a company to those with appropriate permissions, and boost data governance.
A data platform linked directly to a database guarantees the right data is available only to the eligible staff within a company, without interruptions in processing a bulk of data or data requests. Also, a data platform can allow companies to effectively manage their data governance approach. This can include what data is collected, who can access it, and when data has become non-existent as per data protection and privacy regulations.


A data platform can include arrangement of dashboards, reports, and proactive warnings for certain specific conditions, which helps remove blockages and provide trusted and precise data to authorized users.


A data platform accessing unified data in a single or multiple databases can bring together data from numerous sources, bridging organizational silos for more concerted and efficient decision-making.

Since your whole organization can link to and share cross-departmental data, you’ll take advantage of cutting-edge analyses to comprehend important business metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, Click-to-Purchase Rate, and more.

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